Monday, March 27, 2023

My new IPhone and Favorite Apps.

Just recently, I got a new IPhone. I needed one desperately because my previous Iphone was a 6s. It would overheat when using Google Maps or playing games on it too long. Then it would lock up. 

Anyway, it's amazing how many things I do with this phone. Here is a list of my most used apps. 

Facebook: I'm more of a lurker, than a poster.  

Scrivener: I use this to write my stories. It's synced with Dropbox, so I can then write with my laptop on the same app.  

HALO: This is a messaging app we use at work. I send out messages to therapists. Usually about a patient they have to see.

Wyze: This is used to view the two cameras I have in the house. One is in the living room, and the other one is in my dad's room. I ended up getting this because of a caregiver would often be late. It's an easy way to check up on the my dad. 

Google Docs: This is also for writing. It's not that great because the font is too small. If you try to expand it, the text doesn't adjust to the space. I don't use it that much on the phone. It's much better online. 

Google Maps: It's a really good GPS. 

Radio Apps: At work, I use it to listen to news or music.

Weather Apps: It's just so handy to know the weather at any time. 

MyRadar: When the weather doesn't make sense, I like this app just to see what's really going on. It also sends me alerts about storms, etc. 

Games: I move from one game to another. My current ones are Unblock me, Uncrossed, Merge Mansion and recently Blackjack, but not with real money. I guess I just want to be ready if I ever go to a casino. 

Findmy: This app tracks the location phones. This way you can know where your friend or family member is as long as their phone is with them. The person has to share their location with you.  

Clock: I use this as an alarm clock, and also as a timer when doing Yoga. 

Facetime: Video chats mostly with my daughter. 

Meijer: I do those digital coupons and rewards. I also have been doing the shop and scan. It helps me keep track of how much money I'm spending.

Email apps: Of course. 

Amazon: I usually buy on the website, but I have used this as well. 

DTE Energy: Very handy when reporting a power outage. I can also look at the outage map and see who else is out of power. 

PetDesk: I can make an appointment for my dog to see the vet. Super handy. 

Bank apps: I have completely switched to using the bank app while I used to go to the web site. 

Mychart: I can use this to make appointments with my own doctor and see other personal things, like test results.

Amazon Alexa: I have an Alexa at home, and I can turn off lamps at home from work or anywhere. 

MCL Heart: My Dad has a pacemaker and this app sends data to his doctor's office once a month. So this means the pacemaker has some sort of blue tooth. I never close this app.

Then of course, I use the Phone and Texting apps. This phone has become my personal assistant. There are just so many reasons to be on the thing. I suppose that's the way Apple wants it. However, I'm grateful I grew up at a time when there weren't so many conveniences. I like knowing how get by when the internet and/or power goes down.   

What is your favorite app? 

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  1. I have an Android phone; iPhones are too expensive for me. I would say Facebook is probably the app I use most and Empires & Puzzles is the game I play most. I agree about Google Docs, so mostly I use it on my Chromebook or PC.