Monday, February 20, 2023

A Possible Cover for Android Lost

I was dreading spending hours making a cover for a FREE book, so for the fun of it I just said to myself, "Why not try the Kindle Cover Creator." This was after trying some other online cover creators that didn't impress me. They either didn't have a suitable image or they weren't user friendly enough for me. It's weird, I'm great with most software. This includes easily learning most types of software. However, with photoshop, I would need to take a class. 

While in the Kindle Cover Creator, I managed to find one image of Mars in their entire library. It wasn't perfect, but not horrible. While clicking around it offered me some templates, and I really liked one of the fonts that looked rather android-ish. However, that font wasn't with the template I liked the most. So I went to the template I wanted and searched for the Android font. I added the Mars image and it blended in a black background without me having to do anything. This is how it came out....

I know there is a rather large blank space, but I thought maybe I could put a teaser of some sort in the space or when doing an ad I could put a big FREE symbol on it. That is if I end up doing ads.  

So how was last week? Well, it turned out kind of rough. There was a wind storm where the power went out twice along with the internet. The next night we had an ice storm. In the morning, my car was frozen shut. I had to dump three buckets of warm water on it for it open. I was a tad late for work. The thing about writing is that if you want to write, you have to find time to write no matter what is going on. That's what I'm trying to do. Here's to better weather and less distractions. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. I think I sent you an email with a cover idea nd some tips but if it doesn't come through, let me know.

    And yeah that ice was really annoying. I didn't have as hard of a time getting it off but it was pretty hard getting a door open so I could turn the car on to try to defrost. Even after 10-15 minutes I still had to scrape a bunch of stuff off and get ice off the wipers.