Monday, February 13, 2023

The Last of Us

Seeing as I have HBO MAX, I was able to watch the first few episodes of "The Last of Us." I'm not really a big fan of horror or zombies shows, but so far it's a pretty good. One reason, I have some difficulty watching those genres because they are so dismal. How can it not be with so many people dying and civilization being destroyed by infection, clickers (zombies) and the military shooting or bombing people. How can it not be depressing? However, I think some people like these shows because they wonder if they would survive. When something comes up, you can ask yourself what you would do in the situation. The answer for me is not good. 

Another thing I'm not crazy about is when characters go snooping around in dark, enclosed spaces. That was mostly episode two. This foreshadowed that some clickers would be coming after them, and sure enough they did. 

Episode 3 is my favorite so far. It's about a gay "survivalist" who has built a compound around his house and a few other buildings. He has a tall fence, barbed wire and traps around his territory. He's been alone for a long time until another man happens to fall into one of his traps. The guy seems okay, and he's not infected, so he let's him out of the pit. He even lets him into his house to have a meal. The survivalist doesn't want him to stay, until he finds out that he's gay. They are both desperately lonely, so he stays. 

This episode was mostly about their life together. From the time they meet, right up until their old age. While the survivalist is very reclusive, his partner is more outgoing. Oddly, their personalities compliment each other. Their loyalty and love for each other made it so good. It didn't matter that it was two men. I nearly cried at the end, and that's saying a lot. I all sounds so mushy.

Anyway, I am still working on that prequel for Legacy Outlaws. Tax time is also keeping me busy. Have a great week or month...or however long it takes me to do another blog post. 

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  1. I heard of that episode as it was "controversial" for some people to realize gay people exist. I always figure I'd last about .5 seconds in a zombie apocalypse like the movies and TV. One of the top rules in Zombieland is Cardio, so I'm outta luck.