Monday, January 16, 2023

The UneXplained

I've been watching "The UneXplained." It's a documentary type show that talks about mysterious situations, objects and people. William Shatner is the host, and he is just amazing. He has to be in his upper 80's or early 90s. He looks and sounds great. There are four seasons and there might be a fifth one. I found it on Hulu. Several episodes could be described as non-fiction horror. 

For example, the first episode is called "Evil Places" and talks about haunted and cursed places. It might just give an author ideas for a horror novel. 

Another rather morbid episode is called "Mysterious Mummies" Not only do they discuss Egyptian mummies, but other cultures have also created mummies. They show you the mummies, and it's not pretty. They also talked about people who were cruised and died for breaking into an Egyptian tomb. 

I also must mention the "Strange Creatures" an episode that features the Mothman and some sort of huge death worm. All this guaranteed to give younger children nightmares. 

Then there is "The secrets of American Monuments" I really liked this one. It talked about the builders of these monuments. Most interesting being the creator of Mount Rushmore. It also covers the White House, the Capital and the Washington Monument.  

There was also an episode about "Lost Civilizations." All we have are the mysterious remains of the various structures and statues they built. 

I liked "Incredible Survivors." It's about the rare persons who survive a disater while all the rest perish. Such as in a plane crash. The speculation is about how they managed it. 

At the beginning of each show Shatner always says something like: "Do aliens from another world really exist? That is what we will try to find out."
However, you never really find out for sure. You only go through every speculation on the subject. 

It occurred to me that most episodes have connections with the mortality of humans in some way. 

  • Evil Places: The after life such as ghosts. Cruises leading to the after life. 
  • Mysterious Mummies: You must preserve the body and survive into the the after life. 
  • Strange Creatures: That can kill you. 
  • The Secrets of American Monuments: It's about building something permanent so that when you're gone you have left your mark on the Earth.
  • Lost Civilizations: As in deceased. 
  • Incredible Survivors: People who have cheated death. 

Morbid or creepy as all this might be, people do find this stuff fascinating. I have definitely learned things that I never knew. If anything, these topics make great writing prompts that might turn into a novel some day. 

Check out this short trailer. 


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  1. Bill's going to be 92 in March and still going strong somehow. The problem with those shows on "History" about aliens or ghosts or Bigfoot or whatever is they never can prove those things exist; if they did we'd have heard about it by now.