Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Dune on HBO MAX

Happy New Year! My Christmas present this year was HBO Max. I watched the first half of Dune. It was very scenic, with the different worlds and huge ships. It takes place in the year 10191. This movie makes you feel like you're in a world of the future. 

The acting was better than the first Dune movie. The Baron Harkonnen was far less cheesy and more of a dark character. Paul’s character was portrayed stronger than in the first movie. Others tend to underestimate his skill and tenacity. 

There was a touch of humor here and there but could’ve used more. Like the first movie, it still included explanation scenes that describe the world building. This made for a slow beginning, but it does pick up when the Harkonnens attack. The part where Paul and his mother escape has a lot of action and includes flying ships that look like big mosquitoes. 

There are some commonly used tropes that we writers notice. The freman are the natives of the desert planet and are faced with dealing with intruders coming and exploiting them and their planet for the spice. Basically greedy, evil people who care only about power. Then you have Paul as the chosen one. The freman have been waiting for a messiah to free them from all their suffering. However, this was all done in a toned down manner. 

Overall, a big improvement over the first Dune movie, and I really wanted to see all of it. However, It ended when Paul and his mother joined the freman.

Then I realized that's why it said "Part 1" at the beginning of the movie. Part 2 isn't coming out until November of this year. I was really late watching this movie, so this seems like a very long time. However, this is probably the best way to do it. There is just too much to cover in one movie. 

I also just had to find more on Dune part 2. 

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  1. Usually splitting a book into 2-3 movies just seems like a cash grab but that is a pretty big book so it made sense to split it up.