Monday, December 12, 2022

New Year Resolutions (If you think you can't exercise)

A common New Year's resolution is for one to exercise on a regular basis. To get in shape and/or to lose weight. Of course, it's also common for people to quit fairly quickly. There are several barriers that make it difficult to keep it up. My favorite form of exercise is swimming. For one, you don't get sore. However, you need access to a pool. This most likely means a membership to a gym or an entrance fee. Another problem is the time involved. The drive there and back. The process of changing and drying of hair. I just didn't have the time to be gone all evening. Also, chlorine dries out your skin. It may also lighten your hair or if it's colored, take the color out eventually. After a month, I gave up on it. 

Another time, I resolved to get up 5 minutes early and simply exercise in my room. I kept that up for about 6 months. The motivating part of it is that you get it done first thing in the morning. However, I started to get bored with my routine. Eventually, I gave into sleeping those extra 15 minutes, and that's when it ended.

Then one day in February 2022, I decided to try Yoga, and to this day, I'm still doing Yoga. I downloaded an app called "Yoga for Beginners/Mind+Body" and just followed the routines. (The app has beginner to advanced routines.) Anyway, I got myself to do this by saying. "Just do 15 minutes."  Starting with small goals always seems to work for me. 

Now if I was all cozy in front of the TV and thought about exercise, it was harder to make myself do it. So, I would go exercise before sitting down. Another key was to exercise before 7 p.m. After 7 p.m. I just want to relax. 

In the beginning, I noticed quick results in my energy level. This is one of the main things that keep me going. I didn't want to go back to not having the energy. It also helps with various aches and pains. I no longer have a sore neck. I also have sciatica but have no more pain from it. I also noticed that I needed variety to stay interested. Yoga is the least boring exercise for me. It takes concentration to do the poses, so it keeps the mind busy. Plus there are many different poses to try. Eventually, I learned enough poses that I no longer use the app. For more variety, I find Yoga videos on You Tube and follow along. I like to try poses I've never tried before. 

In general, Yoga has a lot of advantages, which makes it easier to keep going with it. Some people think that with Yoga you have to twist yourself into painful positions. Sure, the advanced Yogi can do that, but there are plenty of simple poses for the beginner. I had only started doing the beginner poses when my energy level went up. Also, I noticed I could run a good distance before feeling winded. Even though it's low impact, it somehow does do some cardio. 

In conclusion, I think it's a great form of exercise for anyone. If your resolution involves exercise, Yoga might just be the thing to keep you consistent too. 

Happy Holidays!



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  1. I use sort of a recumbent exercise bike 30 minutes a day. It's only the pedal part of the bike so you have to use your own chair. In theory you can stand on it, but without something to easily hold on to I worry I'd fall and break my neck.

    It was gathering dust for about 2 years in my living room and then after a doctor appointment I just started using it again. Only like 10 minutes at first and then 20 and then 30. Unlike other times I've stuck with it pretty much every day. After the car accident in June I took a couple of days off for obvious reasons but then started back on it. I don't know if it's really made a huge improvement in my quality of life but at least when the doctor asks I can say I'm doing something.