Monday, November 28, 2022

Works in Progress

It's been a while since I've talked about any of the stories I've been working on. Just in case anyone is wondering, here goes....

For the Legacies of Mars series, I have been working on a prequel, which I mentioned briefly not too long ago. I also finally settled on a title called "Android Lost."  The colony is under the threat of being destroyed by an asteroid heading right toward Mars, on the same side of the planet as the colony. A malfunctioning satellite delays the time on which they find out about it. The android, Zamler takes the lead to stop this thing. He comes up with a plan that is so perfect, the assignment should easily be completed. This one has been fun to write and a lot of it has come to me easily. 

Another "story" of sorts I have been working on is based on real life experiences of becoming a care giver to my Dad. When I look back on it, so many ironic/funny things have happened. What I'm trying to do with it, is to be both funny and helpful to other people who end up being a caregiver, rather than putting their loved one in a facility. (My Dad was in assisted living for a while, but I brought him home for various reasons that will be in the book.) 

It's kind of like "If I can do it, maybe you can too." Now this doesn't mean I think everyone should be the main caregiver. Every situation is different. This includes the one needing the care. I've heard of elderly people that are just plain mean or impossible. I don't believe anyone should care for an abusive "loved one." One has to protect their own mental health. 

Back to the Science Fiction. A story I simply call "From Above." Not sure if I'm sticking with that title. Anyway, years ago a ship of humans crashed on a desert planet with Aliens. These aliens breed the humans and use them as slaves to mine for them. The aliens eat minerals to survive. The main character is about a young woman who is a slave and forced to have a baby. When she has the baby, he is taken away from her at birth. She knew this would happen, and thought she was mentally prepared. However, she finds herself devastated and this leads her on a path to becoming a "Rad." Short for Radical. The aliens are always on guard for Rads. Most humans don't want any trouble, so they too are against Rads. 

I never finished the climax. Then I went back and started writing a prequel because you always need that freebie. I never finished the prequel. It's been a long time since I've even read it over. I plan to read it after Android Lost is done. 

Anyway, I am determined to get something done. I have also considered writing in a different genre. Something that doesn't require a lot of research. Not sure what. I'm open to suggestions. 


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  1. You must have been hungry when you typed, "crashed on a dessert planet with Aliens" Mmmmm...dessert planet.

    It's good you're getting back to work on some writing. I mentioned in a blog post a while back it seems like almost all my former Blogger buddies haven't written much in a while.

    You could always try a gender swap or feminization story. You came up with a few basic ideas on my cover image posts. ;-)