Sunday, March 12, 2017

Writing Faster, Survey, and Instafreebie.

Writing Update: 

I often wish that I could write faster. My most productive time is in the morning after about an hour of being up. Since I have a day job, the only chance I get to use that brain power is on weekends and vacations. Anyway, I’m close to finishing the first draft of Lightning Shifter (Freedom Shifters Book 3) If only that meant it was close to be done. Then I will read it multiple times, add, delete and edit…until the final proof read and more edits. I know what the cover is going to be, but I haven’t had a chance to put it together.

Survey Results:

Thanks to my newsletter and other social media outlets, I’ve gotten a good deal of feedback from my book idea survey. Here are the results so far.

Artificial Imperfection: 21%
Feathers of Time: 49%
Hurricane: 30%

It’s not too late to take the survey HERE.

In all honestly, while I like all the ideas. It’s probably good that Feathers of Time is winning because it could attract readers of Native Shifter.


Since giving away a short story collection on Instafreebie, I’ve gone from 35 subscribers to 800 plus, and more are coming every day. I was really surprised there would be so many. Are all these people even going to open their email? No, and many just want that free book, but that’s okay. When I bought my first Kindle, the next idea that popped into my mind was where do I find the free ebooks? I mean you pay for internet, you pay for the e-reader, so then you worry about ringing up a bill from books. I get that from the reader’s point of view.

From the author’s point of view, if I go over 2K subscribers, I will have to go on the paid Mailchimp plan, and Instafreebie is already $20…so I got bills and a lot of time invested. I can’t give everything away. *grin* Yet, every sale is like a small miracle because someone took a chance on an unknown author, and I greatly appreciate it.  

At some point, the paid Mailchimp plan might make sense, but I only have four novels, so it's probably not do-able yet. So, now I'm off to get that writing done. Thanks for reading.