Monday, May 8, 2023

Concerns about Artificial Intelligence

Many people are concerned that artificial intelligence technology is moving too fast without enough regulations. Some speculate that A.I. is going take away most of our jobs, even the creative ones. Then there is the problem that A.I’s can help students cheat by writing their papers. Not only is it cheating, but it could be considered just another way we become more reliant on technology. However, the biggest fear is that A.I has the potential to destroy us. That it could possibility turn on us or be used by terrorists and unfriendly countries.  

Recently I watched the movie "Moonfall" where the characters find out that their enemy is an artificial intelligence once created by humans in the past. This enemy turned on humans and has come to wipe out human life on Earth. In general, there are many movies and stories about A.I.'s Not all are bad. However, when androids do go it's similar to a zombie apocalypse.   

It just so happens that during all this controversey, I'm finishing another story about androids. In my stories the androids are dedicated to humans. Their purpose is to help humans colonize beyond Earth. However, these trustworthy androids still face  a lot of distrust because they are so independent. 

In the Prequel Android Lost, the people wonder if they are becoming too reliant on their androids. However, since they live in a colony on Mars, they definitely need them. Androids have a huge advantage on Mars and in space since they don’t need oxygen, food, water or even an atmosphere. There happens to be one problem android in this story.  

In Book 1 "Legacy Outlaws" a character wants to shut them down for her misguided reasons. Since I wrote these androids to be protagonists, does this mean that I think in real life all artificial intelligence will be just as good? No, because who knows what a human could program an artificial intelligence to do? We already have computer viruses and scammers who try to reach us on our devices. So yes, artificial intelligence could be dangerous.

Years ago, I tried to play chess with a computer program. I didn’t play that for long because it could beat me in under 20 moves every single time. This just drove home to me how much more efficient a computer can think compared to a human. We create this technology to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, but does it also make us more reliant and less intelligent in the long run? Should we be creating beings that have many advantages over us? It would be safer if we didn’t have people who try to use technology for their own purposes: stealing, greed, power, etc. In these days of increasing violence, the combination is scary. 

Maybe I should write about an evil android next? Of course, that has been done before. 

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  1. I just don't like how AI has become a fad with big tech companies all trying to jump on the bandwagon like it's chicken sandwiches or hard seltzer or something like that. This is stuff that can have a huge impact on the world and shouldn't just be thrown together to make a quick buck.

    Inevitably I think the problem with any AI designed by humans is it's designed by humans. the way we've wiped out species and destroyed the planet, do we think an AI is going to be better to us once it sees us as the inferior animals?