Monday, February 28, 2022

Thoughts on The Book of Boba Fett

As many of us already know, Boba Fett's goal is to take over Jabba the Hutts territory on Tatooine. He wants to be more than a bounty hunter. As the story goes along, we find out that Boba isn't such a bad person. He tries to be reasonable with people and prefers peace over a fight. They have him doing some things to gain favor with fans like helping those poor, misunderstood sand people. He also rescues Fennec Shand from death, and she becomes his assistant. Throughout the story, he went about gaining allies and some turned out to be reliable.  

In the first several episodes, the story just wasn't hooking me. The plot seemed to be weak or moving too slow. As a writer, I naturally try to figure out why. The story of Boba Fett is partially told using flashbacks. I found them to be more interesting than his current situation of sitting in Jabba's chair or sleeping in a tank of water. It's not that there isn't plenty of action, but for several episodes, Boba's goal often seems vague and why is it important? The conflict comes from other characters (that I don't know much about) trying to kill him or stop him. It wasn't clear to me why I would want Boba in charge. Maybe it would've flowed better if they had started with the flashbacks, rather than alternating from the past and present. However, that brings up issues about when he met the Mandalorian and got his armor back. If it was a straight timeline, we would have to rehash all that again.   

There are seven episodes. In episode five, Din Djarin (The Mandalorian/Mando) comes back and it's all about his issues of wanting to retain his status as a Mandalorian, and he also wants to see Grogu (Baby Yoda) again. Episode six is about Din trying to visit Grogu while he is training with Luke. At this point, I began to wonder if we'd get back to Boba Fett. It seemed like Din had taken over the series. Also, since Din and Grogu are so popular, Disney must be under pressure to get those two back on the screen. 

Toward the end of the series, things finally start coming together. It becomes clear that Boba wants to run a clean territory. This goal becomes worthy because people are going to suffer if he doesn't stop the criminals who want to take it over and run a spice trade. If only they could've got this point across much earlier. 

The last episode brought everything together in a good finale where Boba and Din join forces. We get to see Boba and Din using all their tricks and gadgets in a long battle. The bad guys also have some tricks of their own. The finale made it worthwhile to watch after all. 

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  1. The flashbacks in those early episodes made me think of the first couple of seasons of Arrow. It was unclear how long he was in the Sarlacc and with the sand people and all that. In the end, as I said on my blog, it wasn't really that great.

    One "Aaaaactually": the tank he sleeps in is filled with "bacta" a healing substance. It's what they put Luke in after Han brought him back from the Wampa's cave in Empire Strikes Back.