Monday, March 7, 2022

The Last Season of Lost in Space

I finished watching Season 3 of Lost in Space, and also found out that it is the last season. However, this doesn't bother me. Season 3 has a really good finale and conclusion. I prefer a series to end on a high note. 

One thing I thought was interesting was what they did with the robot. This robot wasn’t created by humans and programmed to destroy by Dr. Smith. It was created by aliens who have a hyperdrive. The colonists don’t know the truth about the hyperdrive when they are launched into space. However, they eventually discover that a human stole the alien robot’s hyperdrive and captured one of them to operate it, against his will. This turned the alien robots into enemies, and they continue to attack the colonists when the opportunity comes up.  Since Earth was used up and on verge of being uninhabitable, humans didn’t have a choice but to leave for Alpha Centauri. A scientist made a desperate move to use the alien technology. The colonists do feel guilty about the abuse they caused, but the robots are not forgiving. They probably wouldn’t have been friendly to begin with and the reasons come out in Season 3. Overall, I thought this made for a great conflict and creative world building. 

Another thing that was rather impressive is that over the 3 seasons, they end up on four different planets. Each planet is challenging either from the environment or the creatures that live there. 

Anyway, I liked the conclusion. For example, Dr. Smith, a character that never before resolves anything, finally does in the end. At last, the character arc of Smith is complete. I feel like I've waited for this for years. 

It's good when a story reaches the point of needing an ending, and it comes to an end on a high note. Rather than dragged out just for ratings. So well done Lost in Space. 

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  1. A lot of shows have problems with creating a decent ending. It's always good when a show can end on its own terms without it feeling stupid or forced.