Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Star Trek Discovery Achieves Original Standards and More!

When they created Star Trek Discovery, they made sure it covered all the qualities of the original. 

The original Star Trek is known for coming up with new technology that sometimes becomes a reality. As we all know, the communicators in the original series look similar to flip cell phones. The ship's computer used voice recognition just like Alexxa and Siri only better, of course. 

Discovery has also new technology. What impressed me early in the series, was the spore drive. I thought it was creative to come up with something different to power a warp drive engine, other than dilithiam crystals. The spore drive turns out to be important to the plot throughout the three seasons. 

From the first series, Star Trek has been known for its diversity. With Discovery, the main character (Michael) is a woman to begin with and there are more women main characters than men. The admiral in season one was a woman. I also like how Michael wasn't a captain. Discovery, also has a mix of races, white, black, etc. There are also some gay characters that I thought were really interesting and necessary to the plot. They weren't just there and suddenly "Oh yeah, he's gay." kind of thing. Paul Stamats, the chief engineer who happens to be gay was the only one who could operate the spore drive. I found myself hoping his strained relationship with the crew's doctor would work out too. 

I've noticed in one thing that writers are doing well these days is that they are sure to make that connection with a previous older series (if it's available) With Discovery, Michael's parents were killed and she ended up adopted by Sarek at an early age. Spock happens to be her little brother. The whole thing just works because fans remember and love Spock. We like to see him come back to life, and it's great because it's even about of phase of his life that was untold. There are some other things from the old series too. A quick example is we get to see more about Christopher Pike, and those aliens on Talos Five. 

Then there are the twists. I won't mention them, but there are so many amazing twists. The stakes are also high. This is another way to win over fans. In Discovery, the whole existence of mankind is in danger. 
When the series first came out, there was a lot of debate if one should pay a streaming service to watch it. At that time, not too long go, it was less common to subscribe to any sort of channel. I didn't like the idea of paying more on top of cable. Three years later, I've had Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime and Paramount. 

And YES, Star Trek Discovery is worth it. 

Great News! Season 4 is coming in 2021. I can't wait. 


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  1. I keep meaning to get a month of Paramount+ to watch it. I liked most of the first few episodes I saw on Pluto TV.