Monday, May 24, 2021

UFOs and Reality

Last Sunday I watched 60 minutes where they had a segment about UFOs and how they appear to be, not just a real thing, but as if these UFOs have some intelligence about them. They had several pilots that claim to have seen them frequently. They claimed that these UFO's are apparently faster and have more technology than we could imagine. They're super fast, can move in all directions, go through air and/or they disappear into the ocean. 

It was stated that there is enough concern that the government is investigating. This is where some people were like...whoa, this must be serious. What do they know? What are they not saying? Where is the hidden bunker with the alien bodies? 


However, I'm not convinced because there is something that can do all those things. Space Junk. Of course, it's going to be moving fast, in all directions (tumbling) and will at some point disappear into the air because it burned up or appeared to disappear into the ocean because it sank. 

A second possible reason for the sightings, is that the source is from humans. Perhaps a country has sent out spy drones or some private individual or group has invented something. If we have small drones, it's probably not too hard to build larger drones. Maybe some drones go missing. They go too high and end up on someone's radar. 

Another possibility is our own technology and the software that scans the sky. Both are prone to glitches. Radar can be affected by weather and atmospheric disturbances. 

Even though I'm not a believer, I'm glad the government is investigating. It's better to be cautious in case someone has invented a plane, small enough to stay off ground radar, to take pictures. Either way, to find anything it will have to lead to improvements in technology, and that's a good thing.  

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  1. The truth is out there! And it's probably not little green or gray men.