Sunday, May 16, 2021

Escaping From the Media When You Can.


For several years someone had taken my URL. I would never give into some sort of negotiating to get it back, so I started another site where I could combine all of my books. 

However, just recently I was able to get my URL back. This problem happened when, for unknown reasons, the URL didn't automatically renew and I had no warning from Blogger. In the past, I would get an email from them saying it was due. Somehow, that didn't happen. Regardless, it's more my fault than anything. I have reminders set else where, so it shouldn't happen again. 

I work in a hospital and I've seen a lot the last couple of years. All I can say is, it's true that Covid kills more people than any virus. There have been times when our hospital has been well over capacity during all the waves. Then there are people who end up with 

I'm not a clinical person, but Covid patients have been in the area where I work. We all wear masks and I've never gotten Covid. I can only hope that people don't make a decision to wear a mask based on politics. I got the vaccine, not just for me, but so I don't somehow spread it to others. I don't expect others to provide herd immunity for me. 

That brings us to the subject of Hoarding. First it was toilet paper, and now it's gasoline in bags. Classy right? During all these problems, the truth is we would all have enough if we wouldn't hoard. Hoarding is about fear and a lack of trust. Fear always makes the problem worse. It even makes the thing you fear to come true. 

In the last several years, people have been bombarded with the news and most of it isn't good. We know the media slants things to make them seem more interesting or scary. It's all about click bait. They are competing to give the people what they want, so if it works, it's not going to stop. Yet, we want to know what's going on in the world, so we don't always turn it off. Often times we find it hard to look away because we tend to crave the conflict, even if it scares us. I limit the amount of news I watch or read. This doesn't mean I think it's right to not care about things going on in the world, but everyone needs a mental break.  

However, there are many things we can do to get away from it all. I like to watch sitcoms, and of course I love to read and write.  

To help you escape, I have a free Ebook out there. 

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  1. Hooray, your blog is back! When someone else was saying on their blog that Covid is 99.9% survivable really all I can do is shake my head. There's really no getting through to people like that.

    The sad thing about the gas "shortage" is the ransomware attack didn't really stop the pipeline. The company owning it stopped it because they couldn't calculate the billing information.

    1. Thanks. I hadn't heard that one. Although I had wondered how a hacker could stop a pipeline. Maybe there would've been less panic buying if the public knew this little detail.

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