Monday, June 7, 2021

Picard Gets His Life Back in Star Trek Picard.

Years ago when the first episode of Star Trek the next Generation came out, I took one look at Picard and was like "What??? This is the captain of the Enterprise?" I guess I was expecting someone more like Captain Kirk on the bridge. 

However, Picard turned out to be a very interesting character and his story continues with Star Trek Picard. At the end of his life, he has retired and lives at his own wine vineyard. However, he's pushing 80, and while he is still busy with the vineyard, it just isn't satisfying. Picard finds that he isn't living, but only existing. His real life was being a Star Fleet captain. Space was his life, and now, he doesn't feel like he has much of a life, but it is what it is. His one major regret is the loss of Data who gave his life to save him. However, it's not just that incident. Picard knows that without Data, him and his crew would've never survived. 

Also, in this time, Synths (androids) have been banned throughout the Federation because of a disaster that occurred on Mars. The Synths had turned on humans, killing thousands of humans and Romulans on Mars. Picard left the Federation because he is pro-android, and he has always wanted androids to have full rights over their lives. 

Romulans did not take the loss of lives easily. A covert group called the Zhat Vash is formed with one goal: Killing all artificial life one at a time if necessary. 

Then a female synth comes to Picard for help because she is being hunted by the Zhat Vash. She turns out to be Data's daughter. In other words, created by Data. Picard wants to save this android, and it turns out that she also has a twin that needs saving too. Yet, nobody wants to help him. He is left to get his own ship and crew. 

The story seemed slow to me in the first few episodes because there a good deal of characterization about Picard, other characters and the situation. Then it takes off when he leaves Earth to save the twin. Of course, there are connections to the past with scenes involving Will Riker, Seven of Nine and The Borg who have always been part of Picard's life and battles. Fans love to see more of their favorite characters coming back to life. Me included. 

The android verses human plot has been done several times in science fiction. However, Star Trek Picard has a different spin on it. The theme is about racism against synthetic life and the disasters that racism can cause. The fear of synths ends up pushing those synths to become something to be feared. 

Secondly, it sends a message that retirement isn't necessarily right for everyone. Older people can save mankind too. 

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  1. The first few episodes were kind of slow. I still have to watch the rest.