Monday, May 20, 2024

How the Tractor Messed with My Mind.

Yes, it's lawn mowing season again. Every year involves a tune up of the riding lawn mower. Last year, it had started up first try after winter. Probably because the battery was new. This year I'd hoped for the same thing, but no, it didn't start. I don't have a battery charger, so I was going to buy one. Instead, my brother offered to bring his over. I also bought new blades that now cost $100. Double in price compared to last year. 
My brother put the new blades on while the battery was charging. 
Three hours later, it still wouldn't start. Brother realized there was corrosion on the metal that connects the wires to the battery. He cleaned it off with sandpaper and bingo, the tractor started. 

I mowed for a few days and noticed the engine sort of surged when idling. I didn't like the sound of it. Then one day, I go out there and it won't start again. I tried several times, but it didn't even turning over. I charged the battery again. Still nothing. I started to consider having it picked up for service and looked for places who do that sort of work. Because of the high cost of everything, I lingered on if I should have my brother or son look at again. After much strain, I decided to let my son look at it. 

A few rainy days passed. He comes over and started it immediately. Come to find out the knob that turns on the blades was engaged. Oh the humiliation! The tractor won't start with the blades engaged because it's a safety feature. I know better than that. It was all so embarrassing. I cringed at myself for several hours unable to understand how I could make such a mistake. As for the surging, it doesn't do it anymore. My son said the choke lever was a bit sticky and that could've been it.

Then I had an epiphany. I haven't had an epiphany in a long time, so it was pretty cool. In my current job, I often help people with computer problems. Most of them are pretty easy. Such as a bad battery, a bad cord, computer needs rebooted to run updates, a bad plug, an app needs to be reset. You know, simple stuff. I'm also good at helping people with software even if I'm not familiar with it. I often had wondered why people don't they see these simple things? I come in, make the fix and they call me a guru. I'm not really. 

That's when it came to me. I somehow got it in my mind that the tractor had a bigger issue because of the surging, but that's not the only reason. I'm also not as at ease with engines. I don't have the experience of the men in my life, so the tractor intimidated me. The same way some people are intimidated by computers. Like me with the tractor, they think the computer has a bigger issue. They're not looking for the simple thing. 

There is also a fear factor involved. People need their computers to do their job, so when a glitch happens some start to anticipate long delays in work being completed while I.T. figures it out. With the tractor, I anticipated a delay in cutting fast growing spring grass. At the time, the house was for sale and I needed things to look good. 

While I've known people sometimes miss the simple answer to a problem, I now have a new level of understanding of how it can happen. Especially since it happened to me.   

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  1. At least the mower got working again--for now. I don't really miss mowing a lawn.