Monday, August 7, 2023

Why I liked Star Trek Picard Season 3

I finally finished watching Star Trek Picard Season 3. It took me some time to even want to try it because I did not like Season 2. However, I started to become curious about all the old cast coming together. Turns out I really enjoyed it. If I had to give it stars, I would give it 5 stars. Not that I didn't notice a few questionable things, but overall I thought it had some brilliant moments. Here are the reasons I liked it. (Without giving away too many spoilers)

1. Plenty of star ship battles. Most of the characters are on a federation ship fighting an overpowering enemy ship. Star Trek is just better when their ship is involved. In some ways, the ship is a character that should always be included.  

2. Every episode is full of all kinds of conflict.
    A. Conflict with the Federation.
    B. Conflict with each other. Picard and Riker are even yelling at each other because they can't agree on how to keep their ship from being destroyed. Picard is also furious with Beverly for not telling him about their son.
    C. Conflict with what seems like a new, mysterious, powerful alien race. In a unique ship we haven't seen before.
    D. They end most episodes with an unresolved major problem. Even when you think they can rest…no they can’t.

3. A lot of mystery. They have an enemy they don't understand. Picard's son, Jack Crusher is surrounded in mystery. It made me want to keep watching, and these mysteries are answered by the end of the series.

4. The original cast is back and interesting because of their personal issues. Picard wants to have a relationship with his son, but Jack isn't all that interested. Riker is having marriage problems with Denna. Seven of Nine is a number one to a Captain that is obnoxious. She finds it hard to obey him if she thinks he's making a mistake. Raffi has been a character that tends to be wishy washy. However, in this season she teams up with Warf. He toughens her up. I liked seeing her progress. They find Data in a space station that is a security facility, only to discover that he is compromised. 

5. Big stakes. The fate of humans and humanoids are in grave danger everywhere throughout the galaxy.

6. Bits of humor here and there.

7. Creative moments that I don't want to spoil for anyone.

8. The potential for more with Jack Crusher, Seven, Raffi and Geordi's daughters. I really hope they get their own series. 

One thing about Star Trek is that you can't give up on it. Sometimes they produce movies or shows that just aren't very good. Yet, it always seems that they bounce back with something great. If you haven't seen it, give Picard Season 3 a try.

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  1. I liked it better than the first season and the second season sounded dumb so I never watched it. Not a perfect show but it had its moments.