Monday, July 3, 2023

Why I liked the Mandalorian Season 3

I finally finished watching Season 3 of the Mandalorian. At first, it just didn't seem as good as the other seasons. The plot wandered a bit. The Mandalorian has been less serialized than other series tend to be, so what should we expect? Mando has always gone off on side missions, but it didn't seem to matter. The protection of Grogu always held the plot together in past seasons.

While I ended up liking season three, I wasn't as hooked as before. This caused me to take a long pause before the last two episodes. Here are some reasons why.

In the first chapter S3, Din Djarin (Mando) thinks it's important to follow a creed and wants to be restored to his faction. So, he asks the Armorer to restore his position. She says that since he removed his mask, he is no longer a Mandalorian (ouch!) He can only be redeemed if he bathes in the living waters of Mandalore, but nobody thinks it exists anymore. The Imperials turned Mandalore into a toxic wasteland. So finding this water does present a challenge for sure, but the end goal of being restored to his faction all over a mask, seemed a bit petty. I mean, he had to take it off in every circumstance. It's not like he did it willy-nilly. So why be a part of such a petty faction?

Also, the newness of a warrior like Din Djarin taking care of a child (Baby Yoda) has worn off a bit. Especially at first because Grogu wasn't really doing anything new or useful during any of the battles, even though we know he can.

Then chapter 19 "The Convert" tended to be the most confusing for me. It was about former imperials hiding in the New Republic. Most of the time I was thinking...where is Mando? I don't recall him being in the episode at all or maybe very little. However, when I look back on it, this Chapter might have been necessary for the viewer to see what was going on behind the scenes of these Imperials who are enemies of the Mandalorians. The ones who destroyed their home planet.

Later, Mando has discovered that the living water does exist and the atmosphere on Mandalore is breathable. Bo-Katan helps him find the living water and saves his life. She comes back with him to his faction. He is restored. Great. Then The Armorer tells Bo-Katan to take off her mask. This one really threw me. The Armorer wants to unite all factions of the Mandalorian, mask or no mask. It's the right move, but she wouldn't accept Mando for taking off his mask in life or death situations, but now it's okay?

However, I'm glad I came back for the last two episodes because I really enjoyed them. It all became about the Mandalorians uniting to take back their planet. They need each other to make it happen. This is big stakes. Bigger than masks. The Imperials don't want the Mandalorians to rise up again, let alone take back their planet. This causes a big battle for the finale. During the battle, Mando and Grogu both get put into serious danger. Grogu finally participates in the fight. So yes, I liked it and I'm glad I finished.

Something funny. The name Yoda. I think he was named that because it's so close to being the word Yoga, which is associated with meditation and concentration. Something that the Jedi have to do in order to master the force. The name Grogu sort of sounds like Guru. A person who is a master at something. This makes me wonder what the future will be for Grogu. Perhaps he will become very powerful. He's young, so there are a lot of possibilities. Is he related to Yoda? For now it's a mystery.

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  1. I had not considered that about Yoda and Grogu, but now that you said it, it makes sense. In that episode mostly on Coruscant, Mando and Bo are in the beginning to fight TIE fighters that blow up Bo's palace and then I think they're in the last couple of minutes. Still, it was pretty lame to have a whole episode mostly without the main characters.