Monday, January 10, 2022

Cobra Kai and More Lost in Space

I finally tried Cobra Kai (On Netflix) and I ended up watching the first season and part of the second. Each show is about half an hour long, but they do seem to pack a lot into those half hours. If you like Karate Kid movies, then you would like this as well. It's about Daniel and his former enemy Johnny now that they are middle aged adults. It's also about their kids and other kids from the local high school. Daniel owns a car dealership, and he's lives in beautiful house with an almost perfect family. Johnny is an alcoholic living in a dumpy apartment, his only son hates him and he struggles to make ends meet. They cross paths when Johnny decides to open Cobra Kai again to train a student who is being bullied. Daniel drives past an old strip mall, sees Cobra Kai and is horrified. Their rivalry inches its way back, especial since Daniel believes Cobra Kai should never exist again. It's also about the kids and their problems, some caused by the adults in (or not in) their lives. I recommend giving it a try. 

I have also watched the first two episodes of Lost in Space season three. The first episode came across as kind of a downer. The parents are separated from their kids and each group can't stop worrying and longing for each other. At the end of season two, attacks by alien robots caused the parents to send all of the kids into a Jupiter to reach Alpha Centauri. The parents stay behind trying to retrieve their ships. 

The only thing is the kids didn't make it and end up on a different planet. Meanwhile, the parents are stuck behind orbiting a world of killer alien robots. In season three, episode one, the plot doesn't move forward much. It's more of a catch up about what the characters have been doing to survive and how they deal with their environments. The characters are often frustrated and sulky. However, episode two picks up a good deal. The world building seems to be well thought out with many mysteries to be revealed. Also, Will had a growth spirt. He's now taller than Dr. Smith and his sisters. He still has that baby face though. 

As for my Covid experience, I'm still getting over some lingering symptoms such as a running noise and fatigue. I have to get up at 5:30 am during the week, so that wasn't easy. However, it seems to get a little better every day. 



  1. It's good that you're recovering. I was never really a Karate Kid fan but I was interested to hear they're supposed to be including the bad guy from the third movie in the next season. There's a Rifftrax special featuring that guy because he's so over-the-top goofy as a villain. I imagine they'll tone it down for the show.

  2. I prefer only Lost in space. I don't like Karate kid and Kobra kai.