Monday, November 29, 2021

Where Have I Been?

The last few weeks have made it really hard to get to the Blog. 

Week 1: My Dad (86 years) was in the hospital for five days. Not due to Covid. I probably shouldn't go into a lot of details about the Emergency Room experience, but my Dad was in the ER hallway for about 18 hours before getting a room due to Covid patients filling up the hospital. I wasn't allowed to visit him until he was in a room, and just knowing that he was alone in that hallway was awful. 

Week 2: My Dad's caregiver was out sick Tuesday to Friday. I work full time so this was distracting from my job. The agency was only able to find a replacement for two hours on Thursday. She left early due to a family emergency. Since the agency couldn't find help, I ended up searching on my own, and I found a new caregiver. I cancelled the agency, giving them a week notice.  

Week 3: Monday, I ended up getting a painful canker sore. It's still not fully gone. The (former) caregiver worked Monday and Tuesday, but not Wednesday due to a car issue. That was supposed to be her last day. Thursday, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. I found it hard to eat the turkey with the canker sore and could not really enjoy it. My usual strategy is to ignore the canker sore, but this one was difficult. Aleve got me through the week. 

Week 4: Sunday night here. I now have a new caregiver starting this week. Dad is doing well. Things should be okay. Some people like chaos, but I'm not one of those people. Really, I'm not. I like to have things organized and running smoothly. Oddly, I did manage to find some to do some writing for my work in progress. If only I could finish it. 

I'm hoping for a boring week. How about you?

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  1. 18 hours in a hallway sounds really rough. I hope you got rid of that canker sore.