Monday, November 1, 2021

So far on Lost

You knew I was going to blog about this again, right? At least I have a blog post this week. 

I'm into season two and I have noticed something about the series. A lot of questions come up that, of course, make you want to keep watching. Sometimes they're answered, but usually it only leads to more questions. The full answer to anything takes a long, long time. In other words, the show is highly addicting. I can see why people binge these shows, but I don't like to do that. Rushing through it just seems to spoil things. At least for me.

They use flashbacks to answer some of those questions and to also fill in the gaps. It's pretty clever because it would be impossible to have only island scenes. The flashbacks are also a way to learn more about characters. Often times, the flashbacks don't go to the beginning of when a characters problem happened, but they are in reverse. No doubt, it's based on the best way to keep the viewer hooked.

All of the main characters have some sort of horrible past to make them sympathetic. I find most of them that way, but so far there are two that I really don't feel much sympathy. At least not yet. Sawyer is always belligerent even when there is no reason. When he was a small child, someone conned his parents, and slept with his mother. When his father realized what was going on he killed her and himself. Sawyer has been wanting to kill this con man for years. I don't hate Sawyer, but he's kinda disappointing. He never really changes. Then there is Ana Lucia who shows up in Season 2. She used to be a cop who was shot while pregnant and lost the baby. Then on the island her group from the tail section was attacked a few times by the "others" who either took them or killed them. This really put Lucia on edge. So she becomes a bully and a control freak who ends up accidentally shooting and killing an innocent person. I mean who put her in charge?

The character I like the most is John Locke. So far, for the most part, he is calm and trusting. He knows how to hunt and survive. The others depend on him, and he likes being on the island. For him, it's like a dream come true, and his past just makes me melt with sympathy. His own father "long conned" him out of a kidney. His past involves his difficulty in over coming the anger he felt. Now, he's not perfect, and he's made some mistakes. Otherwise he wouldn't be believable. I suppose he will make more mistakes.

It seems that they have been brought to the island (via fate) to heal their pasts, but only John Locke seems to get that. Most are busy trying to survive or get off the island. It's pretty clear they're not getting off any time soon. I can also see how some of them are now being pitted against each other. For example. Sawyer is a con man and Locke is a victim of a long con from his own father. 

As for the "others" these are people who have been on the island first. I don't know how long, but these people are stealthy, ruthless fighters and very adapted to the island. They seem to like to take children, but they also capture adults. The survivors of the plane crash are at their far.


  1. The structure is like the opposite of the first two seasons of Arrow where the flashbacks were on the island and everything else was in the real world.

    Have you watched "Heroes" that was on NBC around the same time as Lost? I got the first season on DVD from Big Lots before the pandemic for $5. I tried watching the first couple of episodes but it was so boring I haven't gotten back to it.

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