Monday, July 19, 2021

The Future of Stranger Things

Recently, I decided to try and find out when Stranger Things 4 will be released. I couldn't find anything that was for sure. Just vague estimates. Perhaps in 2022. No doubt, slowed down by the pandemic. I will be sure to watch it, and here is how I rate the seasons.

Season One = 5 stars
Season Two = 5 stars
Season Three = 4 stars

The third season was good, but came across a bit heavy on all the 80's stuff and it wasn't as serious as the first two seasons. It was a little odd to have a Russian base under a mall, but a mall really does fit the time period because that's where young people went to hang out. When I was a teenager, there was a mall being built called Lakeside in the late 70's. Everyone was excited about it. I remember the ice arena, movie theater, and a store called World Bizarre. It had odd things from all over the world, and a lot of baskets. 

Anyway, while the 80's does add a certain something, that's not the main reason I like Stranger Things. It's mostly because of the character Eleven (Jane Hopper.) She is the one driving the plot, and the most interesting because of her powers. Some are saying that Season 4 is going to be darker and scarier. I tend to think that's the right direction, especially since the kids are getting older. 

My guess it will be about rescuing Hopper, and Eleven has to get her powers back somehow. This trailer hints that yet another person might not be dead. 

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  1. I liked season one and season 2 was ok. Haven't seen season o yet.