Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Covid: The Problems That We Cause.

I find it a little odd that it's only recently that people are finally considering that maybe the Covid virus really did escape from the Wuhan Lab in China. Perhaps everyone was overwhelmed trying to figure out how to prevent as many deaths as possible. There was a surreal type of feeling when most of the world was shut down. I was cautious to blame any group of people, but I find myself with a bad feeling that Covid really did escape from the Wuhan Lab. Intentional or not, I find this possibility highly disturbing.
Perhaps I lean this way because of the reports of some of the lab workers getting sick before the outbreak. 

However, the history and behavior of humans show that it's highly possible that man created the Covid virus. 

For example, the computer was such an amazing thing when it was invented. The first machine that could record and store data (on punch cards) was invented in 1890. Then in 1971 the first computer virus was created and named "The Creeper Program." It was invented on purpose to see if it could duplicate itself from one computer to another, and it did. Other than that, it was a harmless virus. 

It didn't take long for others to create computer viruses. The second virus was created in 1974. It's known as the "Rabbit Virus", and it was designed to slow and crash computers.  A man made virus for a man made machine. 

When I was in my early 20's, I heard about two students from my high school who had hacked into a government computer network. Now these two were at the top of their class in math and science. I didn't know them that well, but I had thought highly of them for their success, and assumed they were going to one of the big universities. Well, one day I heard they were doing jail time for hacking, and I was mind blown. I simply would've never guessed them to be in jail. 

The FBI came in and ceased their computers. This wasn't just a couple of years in jail. It was more like six or seven years. Why would such brilliant students do such a thing? My only guess is that they got bored and wanted to see if they could do it. So, they ended up messing up their lives. They had everything going for them and ended up in jail and for what? There was no mention of a purpose. 

Fast forward to 2021, and cyber security is a big business. We see pipelines and hospitals paying ransoms to get their data back. Who pays for this in the long run? We all do. Unlike my former classmates, these people have a serious purpose. No doubt, they are highly intelligent people that have decided to use their ability to cheat and steal. 

In general, I have seen people cheat at video games for no reason other than wanting to win. Remember steroids? Some people do whatever they can get away with to win. Later, many athletes ended up shamed for it. It is believed that there is still cheating in professional sports, and that many don't get caught. 

The fact that some people create viruses for computers is comparable to people creating real viruses. If something can be cheated, hacked or gamed, man will find a way to do it. Not all people, but some people will just ruin things for others. People who do this have made life harder for all people. 

One reason for cheating is that some people, despite their talents, decide that they can't succeed unless they cheat. Is it more important to win no matter what? Isn't it better to know that you used your talents to improve the world, rather than added to bringing it down? When one has to cheat, they prove to themselves that they can't win honestly. 

Meanwhile, there are many virus labs in the world where scientists are experimenting on viruses and some are creating viruses that don't exist naturally. This is in a world where some people want to win no matter what they have to do. 

Is it just human nature to take our own invention and find ways to make things more difficult for others. Just because it's fun. Just because someone got bored. Just because someone might be able to steal money. Of course human nature can be a force for good as well. It's a choice we make. 

These are the reasons why I believe the Covid was manmade and it escaped. The reason might not be logical, but I can only hope that some day we know what happened and why. The world deserves to know. 


  1. I'm not sure how productive the blame game really is at this point. With computers there's almost always been that sword vs shield dynamic. As soon as antivirus companies create a patch for one virus or Microsoft or Apple create a patch for their systems then someone will make a new virus or find a new weakness. And why not? When companies pay these ransoms it means that crime does pay. And most of these hackers are in Russia or Ukraine or places like that, so it's really hard to bust them.

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