Monday, January 22, 2024

Loki Season Two

Recently, I finished watching Loki Season 2 on Disney+. All this time travel tends to be confusing for someone like me who doesn't closely keep up with all the super heroes or read the comics. I'm more of a casual superhero fan. I've always found Loki to be some sort of anti-hero. Is he bad or is he good? Season 2 starts out after Sylvie has killed "He who remains." This causes all the time strands to multiple and spin out of control. The TVA strains to contain it and is on the verge of destruction. Loki wants to save the TVA, but he's uncontrollably jumping around in time from the past, present and future and to different locations in time. They call this time slipping. He always ends up with one friend or another that he met because of the TVA. Mostly, Mobius and Sylvie. At one point, a character called OB helps him get some stability, but it doesn't last.  Loki has a lot of trouble in his attempt to correct things.
To simplify this story, it's really about the people at the TVA. They found out they're all variants, and deep down they want a life away from the TVA. Then you have Loki who is kind of like a lost soul. He's always wanted to be a king because according to him he was raised to be one, but now it's as if he doesn't know who he is supposed to be.

I think to some extent some people identify with Loki's plight. Especially if you weren't the favored child in a family. Your brother or sister always came first. It wasn't fair, so when Loki gives Thor a hard time it can be oddly enjoyable sometimes. 

Although I often found it confusing, I ended up liking Loki Season 2. Mainly because of the finale where Loki seems to find himself.  

I also watched "Assembled" it's about the making of Loki Season 2. My biggest take away from it for me was the creative ability of everyone that put this together. The sets, the costumes, and how to film scenes. All amazing! It would be like a dream come true to work on something like that, but....I'm back my regular life on Monday.  

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  1. I didn't like the second season compared to the first season.