Monday, November 6, 2023

Selling on Facebook Market Place.

I don't sell things too often online, but recently I made a sale on Facebook Market Place. A couple of other times I have used Ebay, but that was years ago. I sold a 16 foot aluminum ramp that was originally purchased at Lowes. The app is really easy to use. Probably easier if you have smart phone, but I have looked at and edited my ad using both phone and laptop. There were a few little difficulties though. For the ramp, I got a lot of responses. They started coming within a couple of hours of posting. Someone from about 50 miles south of me said he was going to drive out this afternoon. I wanted to put the ad on pending. For some reason, the pending button is hard to find, but I found it. 

Then a few hours later, the customer says that he found out he doesn't need the ramp because his loved one is going on hospice. So, okay, no problem. Then I go through all this searching to un-pend the Ad, and I eventually find it and do so. 
All day Sunday, things went silent. I looked at the ad again and a post ad button came up. So I was like do I need to repost it since I had it on pending? Is this why I'm not getting any responses? So I pressed the button that evening. 

First thing Monday morning, I was getting more messages starting at 5 a.m. I thought posting it again did the trick. So I was juggling getting ready for work and responding to customers. This continued into my day at work. The person I work with was on vacation, so I had double the work. This made it harder to respond. I had wanted to sell it over the weekend, and now it was dragging out. Several people would ask questions about the ramp that were on the product page. "How long is the ramp?" So, I'm thinking "Read the post, damn it!"  So of course, I didn't say that. 

Around noon, Facebook sent a notification. "This might be a duplicate listing." Sure enough there were two postings, and I've concluded that it happened when I pressed the "post ad button." Oddly the new ad said "Out of Stock." Why would it say that? Keep in mind, that I consider myself to be tech savvy. People at work come to me with their computer/software problems, and I solve them. 

So I deleted the the duplicate ad, and one conversation I was having disappeared. I had no way to contact the person that apparently was connected to the duplicate ad. 

However, I had another person wanting to come out buy the ramp. Once again, I put it on pending and thank goodness the messages stopped. That evening they came and bought it. Over all, I think FB Market Place is great. There are lots of customers and overall it's not that difficult. It just needs some tweaking. I plan to use it again because I have to move and moving means getting rid of things. 

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  1. For some reason I can only use that on the phone app not the desktop computer. I should probably try it for this big smart TV I have that maybe would sell on eBay or Mercari but there's no way I could ship it, which really limits the possibilities. I'm just worried that will be like Craigslist with scammers.