Monday, October 17, 2022

My Fall Project

Every year, I'm faced with what I call "The Willow Debacle." I have these weeping willow trees in the back yard by the barn. They were there when my family bought this house about 32 years ago. Willow 1 is about 50 feet from the barn. This willow also has a bunch of branches hanging over electrical lines, but that's another story. Willow 2 is only about 10 feet from the barn. Some of limbs hang over the barn and the long stems are touching the roof. Every year they make a mess. Weeping willow trees are constantly dropping, not only branches, but huge limbs. Last year during a storm, a huge limb fell from Willow 1 only to collide with a tree that is in between both willow trees. This tree in middle has been trying to survive for years. 

As for the Willows, many large sections have fallen over the years. Willow trees are prone to this problem because of their weeping branches. When a strong gust of wind comes, those branches and leaves get pushed hard. Hard enough to pull large limbs right off the tree. 

My Dad used to put branches and logs into a pile between the two trees. This pile turned into a twisted mess of branches, logs and aggressive vines. Last year, I did a lot of work on it. This year I've started again. I want to be able to use lawn mower to keep the woods from taking over. I like to work outside this time of year and especially love to also see the results of my work. I picture this area being cleaned up entirely. I also picture a majestic deer nibbling on the grass in the shade of the willow tree. 

However, I do face a lot of obstacles. The huge limb of Willow 1 is still partially connected to the tree. I would have to climb the tree to try and cut it down, but I can't take the risk. (My Dad needs me to take care of him.) 

I have managed to saw limbs at the far end. My chain saw works on a rechargeable battery. It works really well, but it's not big enough to handle the limb I would like to cut down. I have tried gas chain saws, but I have a lot of trouble even starting one of those. Last week, my son helped me. We burned about 5 piles of wood. I also have a pile of branches further out in the field, so instead of burning a lot of it, I have been dumping it out there. 

My Dad no longer works outside, and he keeps wondering why I'm not done yet. I wanted to show him, so I made this video. 

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  1. That's a lot of work. I'm glad we didn't have willow trees in our yard. Just pines, maple, and birch.