Monday, July 25, 2022

Stranger Things 4 and Strange New Worlds

Stranger Things Season 4 is excellent. It was a good move having El #11 (Jane Hopper) lose her powers at the end of Season 3 because this made her have to get them back, and this meant facing her past. Each episode is at least over an hour long, so give yourself time because you won't want to stop watching. At least, I didn't. The writers did a great job of blending flashbacks with the current story line. We get to see more of El's past, and what's going on with Hopper in Russia. 

The writers have a way of including most of the characters from previous seasons, even if they're dead. Of course, some have smaller parts than others. They also have a way of adding more characters. This makes for a lot of characters and somehow, they make it work. In a previous post, I mentioned that some of the characters ramble when they get nervous. That's probably my least favorite thing, but I became able to tune it out. (Come to think of it, I tend to do that in real life with people who talk too much.)

Music from the 80's continues to be played mostly during action scenes. As we know, it does tend to hook people my age. I was about the same age as the older kids in this story, so a lot of the nostalgia is relatable to me. One thing I have noticed though, is that young people that I work with are also into the show. This means the story is good regardless of the time period. 

After the finale, there is an aftermath where the upside-down dimension is once again spreading into our world. A lot of things are left unresolved, yet I found it to be an adequate conclusion since there will be a Season 5. 

I have also been watching Star Trek "Strange New Worlds." The last time I mentioned it I had only seen the first episode, which I liked. I've now seen all of the episodes, and it's okay, but for some reason there was only one episode that really grabbed me. I'm just not really into any of the characters. I feel like I don't know them well enough. This is probably what a lot of Star Trek fans wanted, but I tend to like character stories. There is one interesting character problem going on with Captain Pike. He knows his future, and he dreads it. In the original Star Trek, we all know what happens to him. So, I will press on and watch the next season. 

Recently on Facebook, I saw a post that pretty much said a lot of the old cast from The Next Generation will be in Picard 3. Doctor Crusher, Deanna, Riker, Worf, and Geordi. This image was posted. Could this be true? 

I have to admit that Worf looks pretty cool.

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  1. I thought Strange New Worlds was entertaining and most of the episodes plotted better than The Orville but it didn't really sell the title. I mean there's really only one episode where they go to a strange "new" world, that one where Pike's old girlfriend takes him to that planet where they sacrifice a kid to run their machines.

    I haven't really followed all of the news out of ComiCon but I would assume they are mostly getting the band back together for the last season of Picard.