Monday, May 16, 2022

Strange New Worlds

I've only watched the first episode. It seems most people like it, but I have seen some complaints on Facebook. I will keep these examples vague so there are no real spoilers. 

In the beginning of episode 1, Captain Pike, Spock and La'an (the first officer) had to rescue a missing officer. This involved disguising themselves as an alien-type humanoid in order for them to blend in on an alien planet where the office was being held. In order to pass as these humanoids, the away team had to temporarily change their DNA. Once injected, they grew the facial features of the aliens. On Facebook, I came across someone complaining that in TOS, that they did not have this technology then. Instead, they would disguise themselves with makeup etc. Recently, I had seen an episode on TNG where Riker also used make up, etc to disguise himself. Clearly, neither series had that technology. However, I don't agree with the complaint. These shows are BASED on Star Trek. I have no problem with them adding some new technology, which I thought was a highly creative idea. It also added some drama to the scene.  

There was another part, where Spock had a romantic scene with T'pring. Some fans on FB also complained about this saying Spock wasn't true to his character and most of all that in TOS he had only met T'pring when he was a child. I haven't fact check it, and I don't feel the need to fact check because I'm okay with it, but a lot of fans say the writers aren't sticking to "canon." 

It seems to me that the whole thing comes down to some people's problem with change. It's common for people to resist change. While not every change or new idea is good, change is still necessary. Our society has survived because of change. A company that remains the same will go out of business. The writers of Star Trek should be allowed to have creative freedom. However, if the show has a bunch of plot holes and things that don't make sense, it will make it even harder for fans to accept those changes. Let's hope it's better than Picard Season Two. 


  1. I thought the first two episodes were OK but it doesn't seem terribly original. With any prequel there are going to be complaints of changing things or things being inconsistent. My complaint on Facebook was it doesn't make sense to have Uhura and Chapel on the Enterprise because what are the odds that they would still be there when Kirk takes over? That's not how a quasi-military organization like Starfleet works. In TOS and TNG and all that you go along with that because it wouldn't make sense to essentially recast the whole show every two years but adding them to SNW is basically saying they've been on the same ship for like 7 years, which is almost impossible.

  2. So far, it's definitely better than Picard's season two. I stopped watching that one altogether.