Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Star Trek Discovery Paused Mid-Season

Star Trek Discovery will take a mid-season pause after episode seven. The other episodes will start up February 10th. I was like "What?" followed by a big eyeroll. I've never had this happen with any show yet, but I recently read that it's not uncommon. Episode seven is supposed to be a "mid-season" climax. However, I wasn't able to find out how many episodes there will be all together, but the average for a Discovery season is about thirteen episodes.

Some have speculated that this has something to do with all the other Star Trek shows that are coming out soon. It seems they don't want Star Trek Prodigy and Picard overlooked. 

Yet, for the fans this puts us in a situation. Like me, I'm sure many of us have a lot of shows we want to watch among several streaming services. It gets expensive and choices have to be made. My first thought about this was to not subscribe to Paramount Plus until the entire season was dropped. This includes any streaming service since we don't know how much of a season they are going to release. 

I also understand why people binge shows. It's not my favorite way to watch a season, but I finally get it. There are many reasons to binge. Time and money. Perhaps you like a show and have a day off. You don't know when you might get that much time, so you binge it. 

In general, there are so many great movies and shows now, that in order to watch them all binging is the solution. It can also help reduce cost. You binge shows on that streaming service, then cancel and move onto the next. Binging is the fastest way to know the entire story. It makes one feel like they aren't missing the latest and greatest show. 

The downside to binging is that it's not healthy sitting that long. It's also isolating, and it uses up time for other activities. These are the reasons I find binging impossible, but for others I get it. 

As for Star Trek Discovery, the first episodes are interesting, but it wasn't until episode five that I felt hooked. 

Anyway, I will probably check out Star Trek Prodigy and Picard season two. I've already seen season one of Picard. 

You can consider this to be my mid-holiday blog post. :)


  1. It seems like they're scheduling them now so one show is always running. After Lower Decks finished, Prodigy ran 5 episodes, then it paused and Discovery ran 7 episodes, then Prodigy will drop the rest of its eps, then Discovery will finish, then Picard season 2 starts dropping...

    I don't really mind as much with Paramount+ because it's not as much per month as some like HBO Max or Netflix that want $10-$15 a month.

  2. BTW, I might be wrong but I think it was Lost that really started the "mideason finale" or "fall finale" or "winter finale" thing and then other shows started to follow suit. Though I think in the old days most shows did take some time off for the holidays; they just didn't really advertise the fact.