Monday, October 11, 2021

My work in progress: Making an Alien

I've been working on a new Novel. It's about humans who have been turned into mining slaves on an alien planet. At first, they think that the aliens (The Jaxui) created them to work for them. The humans are cut off from knowing their true origins or really anything about themselves. Most Jaxui view humans as pasty, weak creatures that they need to keep suppressed. 

Of course, this involved a lot of world building. I still feel like I am continuing to fill in details. The planet is called Jaximus. To tell the truth, I just came up with that. I was trying to find a name, and I'm still open to suggestions. Jaximus is mostly a desert planet. However, at the poles, the temperature is low enough to allow a tropical forest to grow. Humans are unaware of what exists at the poles. 

Anyway, I've tried to come up with a unique alien. It's pretty hard to do since so much has been written. At first, I was going to make them spider-like, but so many aliens are either like insects, spiders or reptiles. Then I decided to make these aliens bird-like. They have wings, but they can only fly in long jumps across the desert. It's kind of like a long hop that their wings help extend about 100 feet at a time. These wings have several small finger-like extensions that they use to do delicate work on their ships, etc. Their feet are like talons and also help them to jump long distances. 

The Jaxui like it hot, and they eat only minerals to survive. They have a tube that comes out of their beak-like mouths that is like a straw that just sucks up minerals. The humans mine these minerals for them while the Jaxui provide them with food. They have farms near the poles that are also worked by humans. The farming humans are unaware of the mining humans and vise versa. Using humans slaves to mine, has led to over population and mineral shortages. 

Overall, the Jaxui are double the size of a human. Their color is mostly beige, but the feathers of the males have some white stripes and in some rare cases red. Their females are slightly smaller with no color. Their off-spring go through two phases (similar to a butterfly) The first one is a worm-like stage where ironically they grow up at the edge oft the poles where they can eat vegetation. Eventually they morph into their final form and can leave the poles. The Jaxui have been frustrated with reproduction because of how long it takes to reproduce. It's almost two years. In recent years, they have found a way for a female to have two at a time, rather than one. This has contributed to mineral shortages. 

Jaxui are a warrior type alien. They value fighting skills and this contributes to who will be there next Ruler. The current ruler is too old and weak to continue, and must be killed by the next Ruler. Jaxui have long needle-like extenders that they use to jab at each other or kill off a disobedient human. 

I haven't come up with a title or even a series title. The theme I'm going for is unity, as in the humans have to unite to gain their freedom. The main character is Ash. A human female that had a baby for the Jaxui. She thought she would be okay giving up her son, until she has to do it. 

What are you thoughts? Any title ideas? All comments appreciated. 


  1. It might help to know more about the plot. Is she going to lead an uprising?

    1. Pretty much. I'll have to explain more later.