Monday, September 27, 2021

A PC Stick is Great for the TV

Recently I bought a A PC Stick and this is what it looks like hooked up to my TV. 

Since switching to internet only TV, I've found that I couldn’t watch everything I wanted to watch with the Roku. I also still don't have an antenna. Just to be clear this mostly involves sports for my Dad. However, I usually can find the game somewhere on the internet. It’s not always the greatest picture, but it’s not horrible either.

I tried to find an app on the Roku where you could go on the internet, but it doesn’t seem to have one. Perhaps that's not something they want people to do through their device. This left me with having to connect my laptop to the TV and this tied it up for several hours. 

So then I started to look for another cheap computer or laptop, and I began to wonder if a very small PC existed. Come to find out, of course it does. I discovered a lot of “PC Sticks” for sale, but I was leery of buying one. I was concerned it would be worse than my laptop (which is new) as far as lagging and picture quality. Most of them had only 4GB RAM, and I didn't think that would be enough. Finally, I found one with 8 GB RAM and 4.5 Stars on Amazon. I liked what I saw and paid about $225 for it, which seemed reasonable. Plus it's small, so returning it wouldn't be so bad. I take my Amazon returns to Kohls because it's so easy, but I rarely end up having to return anything. 

Anyway, this little PC is working out great. It boots fast, and I think it might even be better with graphics than my laptop. It comes with Windows 10 and it has ports for USB and HDMI. I had to buy a mouse and a cheap keyboard for it. It was super easy to set up. So if you're looking for a cheap PC, this could work for you. All you need is a monitor or a TV. Another bonus is that it's light for travel. 

Check it out here: PC Stick


  1. I'd like to replace my desktop PC and when I was looking I saw mini PCs similar to this but I'm not sure they'd really have the functionality I want.

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