Monday, August 30, 2021

Crazy Weather and Dream Motivation

Where I live in south-east Michigan, it's been hot, humid and this has caused storms with lots of wind and rain. We have two big weeping willow trees and sometimes a big limb will fall off of one of them. It happened once earlier in the summer and again most recently.

Over 50 years ago, before we owned the property, a neighbor planted these big weeping willow trees to soak up water on their property. Yet, managed to plant them on what is now our property. All I can say is, never plant one of these trees. They are constantly dropping something. I have wanted to clean up this mess, but it's been too hot and humid. 

In the summer, I have to cut about 2 acres of grass. It's been difficult in the heat and now some areas have standing water. I mowed everything I could, drinking cold water the entire time. 

So on Saturday around 6 p.m., I get a call from a family member telling me his power is out. Of course, it's the hottest day of the year. Usually I'm the one without power. Anyway, I suggested he could come over and sleep in the spare room, but he would have to bring his inflatable bed and whatever else he needs. Months ago, after I painted the spare room, I had planned to get a futon, but never got around to it. Instead, empty boxes and other unwanted items tended to end up there. 

Anyway, he ended up staying home and the power came back on late at night. However, I had a dream about the spare room. I dreamt that my daughter set up two beds in it. The room looked good too. Then oddly, in the dream my mother (deceased) was outside the window waving at us, and looking happy that the room was fixed up. She gave me the thumbs up. I was so happy to see my Mom and I woke up. 

This dream gave me the feeling that I had to get the futon as soon as possible. Sunday morning, my daughter and I went out and bought a Futon. I set it up myself, cleaned and organized the room. 

Then the evening came with another storm with more rain. Mowing on Monday is not looking so good. Maybe this means I should do more things inside, like cleaning out the basement. Or maybe I could watch a movie and then blog about it for next Monday. 

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  1. The weather the last 2 weeks has been pretty bad. I've hardly gotten anything done. At least now we're getting a break from that. It always kind of bugs me when dead relatives show up in my dreams but in this case I guess it was a good thing.