The Vallar Series

Seer of Mars
Vallar Series Book 1

Ian Connors happens to be the secret weapon of a powerful military faction bent on conquering all humans who have colonized Mars. His job is to use his psychic ability to uncover secrets or hidden bases of other factions. Ian not only uncovers a valuable hidden mine through his visions, but also Kayla, a woman he sees himself with in the future. The only problem is she's on the other side and fighting to save her people.

Ian discovers the death and destruction his visions can bring when in the wrong hands. He realizes he has no choice but to escape his faction, but the admiral is not about to give up his prized psychic. Deep down, Ian longs to be with Kayla. He's inexperienced in a corrupt world. His only edge - visions of the future. 

Available in Digital and Print Editions

Visionary of Peace
Vallar Series Book 2

Ian Connors had planned to use his visions to spy on Marscorp in order to maintain peace, but flashbacks and nightmares make it impossible. Since two years of peace have passed due to a stalemate, Ian decides to try and live a normal life, until one day he has a vision so horrifying he has no choice but to become the seer he once was or Vallar will have no future. While he struggles to regain his ability, the Marcs plot to capture him alive in order to complete a deal for their return to Earth.

Available in Digital and Print Editions