Freedom Shifters Trilogy

Native Shifter
Freedom Shifters Book 1

In the 1770's, Leotie waits for the day that Keme will ask her to be his life-bond. If only he didn't believe he's a coward. His father wants him to be a warrior, but he hates it. So what if he secretly trains to be a healer? He's so much more interesting than the other young men. 

Then one day, outlanders come and give her people an ultimatum - to leave their home or die. Soon her tribe is going to war with an unpredictable enemy. Leotie wasn't born to stay home and string beads. She's a hunter and a warrior who gets a chance to defend her people. She goes out into the battle, but doesn't make it back. At least, not as a human. Leotie comes back to life as something quite different. Her tribe calls them skin walkers. The outlanders call them werewolves. She fears what Keme will think of her now. Someone did this to her, but who?

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Rebel Shifter
Freedom Shifters Book 2

Two years later after a war that devastated her tribe, Leotie lives with her clan in a cave tucked deep in the frozen woods of North Erie territory. They struggle through a harsh winter while their twisted master, Markus spends time away, enjoying the thrill of battle during the American Revolution. She wants them all to live out their lives as the humans they once were, but the others struggle to perfect human form, not able to blend into any society. Leotie tries to teach them, but finds their progress frustratingly slow. This leaves the clan dependent on her for survival.

One day while hunting, she meets a mortal living on the edge of town. She'd never imagined herself falling for an outlander, but finds it impossible to stop thinking about him. Why does Finn live so far from his own people? Markus' wrath would be great if he discovered her with another man. Will she find a way to defeat her obsessive master and gain their freedom once and for all?

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Lightning Shifter
Freedom Shifters Book 3
Leotie buries her fears about Markus being alive. She’s curious about the power of the lightning shift. A power that would free her from the fear of Markus forever. For a year, she helps the rebels grow into a larger unit that soon will be accepted into the Colonial Army. However, it’s been far too long since she’s seen her family. Finn agreed they would visit her people for a life-bonding ceremony, but when? It seems the war will never end.

Tala comes to Leotie in a dream and says, The only way we can defeat Markus is together. The words are too disturbing not to take seriously. Desperate for answers, Leotie must return to her tribe and clan.

Yet, Finn doesn’t want her to leave or even worse, to become a lightning shifter. All the while, she fears Markus might be alive, trying to regain his power. She soon finds herself torn between her people and her life with Finn.

In Lightning Shifter, Leotie and Finn’s love for each other is pressed to the limit. Will they be together in the end?