Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Artificial Imperfection Scene 8 (Saving an A.I.)

But first the IWSG question: Did you ever say “I quit”? If so, what happened to make you come back to writing?

Yes, I have several times, but it's never lasted very long. Sometimes I end up writing even more when I come back. It seems new ideas bring me back along with an improved mood. I sometimes wonder will their be a day when I quit for good. I don't really want to know how that could happen. 

Now for Zamler...
This is scene 8 of my continuing series about Zamler an A.I that insists he's perfect. Zamler comes up with an idea to save himself. Ellie talks to her boyfriend (who is on Earth) 

If you want to start at the beginning or catch up on any missed scenes, click HERE

But before we begin. I did a little work on the world building. So here's a few details. 

The year is 2317. They are north of the Noctis Labyrinths. All the people belong to the Lunae Colony. 

NASA originally brought all the people to colonize the planet. Since then, slowly, their numbers have grown. They've formed formed a small government, and they still support NASA. They have a president and VP and they have 7 Representatives from different biospheres who make a board.  Population is about 1K spread out living in 7 biospheres each holding 140 of them each. NASA has a building and launch pad where ships come and go from time to time. 

So if anyone has any suggestions about the world building, let me know. 

Scene 8:

It felt as if all the fluid in his body rushed to Zamler’s feet. He realized this was why Adam was so rattled by him taking a student outside. “Becca must’ve known. Why didn’t she tell me?"

"Because it's classified. If this got out, people would start doubting the reliability of our A.I’s. The public doesn’t know who caused the crash. Please understand I took a lot of heat for those six deaths. The board will have my ass if another A.I is involved in harming anyone. In two weeks, I need your decision - either decommissioning or a new brain core.”

“Wait a minute. What if I just have a simple job.” Zamler couldn’t believe what he was about to suggest. “Don’t you need any teachers? I know so much. How can I get into trouble simply teaching indoors at the college?” 

“Well, come to think of it. I do need a professor for Mars geography due to the shuttle accident. Although, I’ve never had an A.I teacher.” 

“I have a lot of knowledge to benefit our young people,” Zamler insisted. “Why waste it?”

“Alright, I’ll give it a try. You have an advantage in that the curriculum can be uploaded to you shortly.” 

Zamler didn’t want to go along with any curriculum. He had lots to share with the young people, but who knew if they would even care. “I will be most interested to know it.” He told Adam what he wanted to hear. 

“Also, be sure Becca runs that diagnostic on you, and I want a full report.”

“Yes sir.” Zamler agreed, but he dreaded what that report might reveal. 


Ellie sat in the work station, waiting for her mother to come back. She stared at her tablet, video chatting with Jake from Earth. 

“So you’re mother really agreed to retire and come to Earth?” Jake asked, starring at her with those pale blue eyes. 

“Yes, and she just left to talk to her manager.” Ellie held up her crossed fingers. 

“You’ll love it here,” Jake smiled, “and you’ll never want to go back. I’ll show you everything.”

“Of course not. I just want to be with you,” she whispered, imaging her fingers running through his wavy blond hair. “However, I also want to see oceans and paint them.”

“I can’t wait to….you know.” Jake turned an adorable shade of red. 

“Don’t be shy. I’m thinking the same thing.” She imagined the feel of lips against hers and couldn’t wait to be held in his arms. “But uh, I gotta warn you. I hope you don’t mind that I’m short. I mean, I’m only 158 centimeters tall. Guess I should’ve mentioned that sooner.”

“That’s not too short. Besides, I’m not perfect. I mean, I’m barely passing Linear Algebra.” 

“Oh please, that’s nothing. I’m not even passing it and was told I’ll probably have to repeat the class. Hopefully I won't be here next semester.”

Jake laughed. “We’re such a perfect match. Wait until you see the beach . We’’ll go swimming if you don’t mind the salt water.” 

“Oh no, I’ve practicing tasting salt water. I can’t wait!” Ellie felt her hopes rising foolishly and couldn’t help it. “One day we can even paint together. Have you drawn anything lately?” 

He nodded. “It’s not finished, but I would love your thoughts on it.” 

“Of course!” Ellie said, excited, feeling blessed to have a boyfriend she could share her passion with. 

Then Zamler stepped into the doorway. “Where is Becca?”

“Oh no, it’s that annoying droid looking for my mom again. Hold on…”


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It keeps dragging us back, doesn't it?
I think I missed some while on blog break last week. Be a bummer to decommission him.

Pat Dilloway said...

Never give up, never surrender! 😉

Crystal Collier said...

Breaks definitely make for clarity and increased motivation.

Liz A. said...

World building is hard, isn't it? I find I start it after starting a story, too.

I can't help but think this "boyfriend" is up to something nefarious.

Blogoratti said...

Good stuff indeed. Warm greetings!