Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shifter Rules

Rayen from Rebel Shifter
I couldn’t come up with a link for the letter “S” so instead I’m resorting to talking about my upcoming release.

Even when one writes a fantasy, you still need rules for the magic involved. Without rules, there would be no challenge for your characters. 

So in my story Rebel Shifter, some rules evolved as I was writing. But first I had to consider the different kinds of shifters. A lot of people associate shifters with being werewolves or were-fill in the blank. Then there are the kind of shifters in science fiction who could be imitate almost anything.

I decided to go with the more popular shifter werewolf type for this book. One of the rules is that they can only shift into animals similar in size. In other words, they can’t be a fly on the wall because that would involve giving up too much energy/mass. Here is a list of characters.

Rayen = Female protagonist. She can shift into animal or human form.

Markus = The antagonist and master of the clan. He’s the one who brought them all back to life and changed them into shifters.

Finn = Male protagonist. Rayen’s human love interest.

Wayna = Clan member who can’t shift into human form yet, but he is closer than the others. He is also in love with Rayen.

Tala = Clan member who can’t shift into human form yet.

Jolan = Tala’s mate. Wayna’s brother.

Anti = He used to be an elder in their tribe, but is now a shifter in the clan.

Izi = A wise woman from the tribe, now a shifter and Anti’s mate.

My shifters can only be living things too (but there is one exception.) The antagonist (Markus) has learned how to shift into the form of electricity for faster travel and he can also become a weapon in this form. The protagonist is the second most skilled shifter in the clan. Rayen is trying to teach them because she wants everyone to be human again. They don’t age, but they can be killed. However, in the case of Markus, he has become almost impossible to kill.

One last rule (just to make things difficult) is they can sense each other nearby if they shift into a different form. It makes things more difficult for Rayen in her goal to get away from Markus, which later becomes the goal of having to kill Markus. I found this rule to be the hardest one to deal with especially toward the end.
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So we don’t have much longer to go with A to Z. I just hope I make it this time. There are a few letters not done yet.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If they can sense one another in any form, that would be a challenge.

Pat Dilloway said...

Did you watch The Flash last night? It was about a shifter of sorts.

Sharon Marie Himsl said...

Fascinating lineup of characters! Shifters were sometimes in the Star Trek series. Always enjoyed their stories. (You are doing great in the a-z...keep on, keep on :)
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Cindy said...

I missed last night, but I have watched it.

Empty Nest Insider said...

All of your characters have something special to offer! This sounds like a sensational premise for a novel, Cindy!