Friday, April 3, 2015

Critique Circle

If you have not already tried Critique Circle, I highly recommend you give it a try. I’m not active on there anymore, but I was for a long time and in that time I met my all my critique partners. It was a lot of work finding them, but well worth it in the end. One of the advantages of CC is that nobody can see each other’s critiques. I’ve been in other writing groups where everyone could see each other comments before crits were done, and I’ve felt that people influenced each other. If someone spots and issue, of course everyone is else is going see it too.

Critique Circle also has writer forums and tools. It’s the place where I learned about Indie publishing. It’s a great start for beginners in many ways. Especially the first step: Having someone else read your work.

The only caution is that you will come across a wide variety of people and not all of them know what they’re doing. Always view advice with some caution. The best way to really find out if the advice is right is if more than one person brings it to your attention. That’s the guideline I use.


Kate Happenence said...

You're lucky to have found excellent critique partners. I've got a few people who critique my work, but writing regularly at work - even if it's business writing - and having it regularly edited and reviewed has also really helped me understand more of my writing faults.

You're spot on about the 'if more than one person brings it to your attention'.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Finding the right critique partners is so important. Never heard of Critique Circle (except for the IWSG Critique Circle on Facebook) but I was fortunate to find my partners through blogging.

Pat Dilloway said...

I got kicked out of there for correcting someone who said there was no such thing as 24-hour-diners. I did like the hangman game they had.

Ipsita Banerjee said...

Shall certainly try it out, sounds like it could be interesting.

Sunni said...

I've never heard of Critique Circle but will check it out. I know how important it is to find others to read your work. It's also nice to know they can't see each others comments. I think you're right about several people pointing out the same issue.

I found my critique partners on Linked In. I want to check out this site though.


Lee Haworth said...

Did not know about Critique Circle yet agree that it is so important to receive feedback from others who read our work. I appreciate the professionality of your blog. I really learn from what you have to say.