Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meet Nathaniel Danes Author of The Last Hero

The Last Hero: I had to write it.

I never thought I'd write a book. Heck, for most of my life reading beyond page three of any school writing project felt like a Herculean task. However, the difference between now and then is that my writing doesn't feel forced. Maybe that's the difference between writing what you want as opposed to what you have to.

Thinking about it now, it almost feels as if The Last Hero grew itself organically rather than having been written. My over active imagination, love for military history, science fiction addiction, blindness, failed military career, daughter, and more were filtered through my fingers onto the page. It's a nexus where several pieces of my life came together. Believe me it sounds far easier than it was.

I've always used my imagination as an escape hatch from life. As far back as I can remember, I'd bolt from mundane situations in my mind, transporting myself to excitement and adventure. I'm sure most kids do this, but I've never stopped. I do this as a coping mechanism. I'm losing my sight to a genetic disorder. This is the reason for my failed military career, and I find it relaxing to drift off into worlds where I don't have that limitation.

These fantasies were always content to live inside my head until I read The Forever War. That classic sparked something inside me. Science fiction has always been my preferred genre for TV and movies, but as far as books go, I used to only read military history. After stumbling upon The Forever War everything changed. I couldn't read enough military science fiction and those stories in my head started to become restless.

I also can't understate the importance of my daughter's birth in helping to shape the story in my first novel. There are a select few things I truly love in his world, my wife for one, so the feeling isn't foreign to me. However, I wasn't prepared for the body blow of raw emotion, of pure unconditional love I felt the second I held my baby girl for the first time. From then on, I couldn't imagine a universe that she wasn't a part of where that incredible connection didn't exist. Her presence in my life enriched and brought depth to my fantasy worlds. She brought meaning and purpose to them.

Literally bursting at the seams, I had to get the stories out. So, I started to write and write, then I rewrote and rewrote. Before I knew it, a few years had pasted and I'd written four books. Finally, I decided to try and get one published. Fortunately, Solstice Publishing saw fit to give me a chance and agreed to release the The Last Hero.

If you read my book, I hope you enjoy and feel the passion that went into its creation. It will be the first of many because I don't have a choice. The stores have to come out.

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Thanks for being a guest on my blog to day, Nathaniel. It's always interesting to hear what inspires an author. 



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Nathaniel. Sorry you are losing your sight, but that's good you found a way to deal with it, and in a manner we can all enjoy. I never thought I'd write a book either. We write similar genres so I'll have to pick yours up.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Congrats for writing your book. I'm still working on getting something besides short stories out there.

David P. King said...

Major congrats, Nathaniel! I never thought I'd write a book either. Me thinks many authors thought the same.

Thanks for hosting, Cindy. :)

Cathrina Constantine said...

Congrats to Nathaniel!!!

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Congratulations, Nathaniel. And your cover art is very exciting. I'm so glad you decided to write the book to share it with the world.