Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Excerpt from Rebel Shifter (My Work in Progress)

Here is a excerpt from my work in progress called "Rebel Shifter"

It takes place about 1780, during the American Revolution. Rayen and Tala are in the woods, in the dead of winter, about to go into a cave (their home)

Tala is in wolf form.
Rayen (the main female character)  is in human form. 


“Are you insane?” Tala whispered, using a modified wolf mouth that allowed her to speak. “Letting yourself fall in love with a human? Even worse, he’s whiter than the snow.”
“Whoever said I was in love with him?” Rayen asked, unloading the meat from the cart.  
“I know you well enough. Just admit it.”
“I’m a little attracted to him, but I don’t really know him well enough to be in love.”
Tala pawed nervously at the ground. “If you keep visiting them, they’ll get curious about you, and want to know where you come from. They’re not going to take kindly to a clan of shifters living in the woods.”
Rayen sighed. “You’re right, but he’s so cute and when we hugged...”
“He doesn’t know you’re a shifter. Besides, you’re the only woman he’s seen in several months, of course he’s going to flirt. You were meant for Wayna,” she said the last part a bit too loud.

“Shh, first of all Chad might be leaving for Virginia. Besides, I can’t be with Wayna unless he can shift into human form. He knows this,” Rayen whispered, not wanting to talk about it anymore. The mention of other places always reminded her she’d spent about a hundred years in the forest and knew nothing of the world.


Now if I can just finish it. Perhaps I will share more soon!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hope you can finish it.
And yeah, if he hasn't seen a woman in months, just about anything on two legs will look good.