Friday, August 9, 2013

Mars Curiosity: 1 Year of Pictures

I came across this slide show and just thought I would drop a quick note to share it.

Click Here: Mars Curiosity: 1 Year of Pictures

Meanwhile, I'm having a nice summer. Vallar 3 is at 33K words. I was annoyed at myself that in a month I have only finished about 13K words. Especially when I hear of other writers publishing at least two books a year. I'm going to be pushing myself to get more done.

Also last weekend, I took the time to set up a newsletter for the purpose of announcing new book releases. If you are interested in my books, please join. It's an easy way to keep informed and with my level of content output you can be sure you won't be spammed. Your email address is also safe.

Also Seer of Mars is free on Kindle for the next few days. Click Here!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Will check out the slide show. And don't worry, I can't do more than a book a year either.

Ernie Laurence said...

Love Mars stuff. Thanks for the slide show! I hear you on the time issue. I'm at 1.5 years since my first book was published, and it was the first in the series. Course with twin 3 year olds and one on the way, its also a money issue.

Rusty Webb said...

Mars! The rumor I've been hearing is that it had lakes and a breathable atmosphere!

I'm kidding. Thanks for the update on Vallar 3.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I know, right? There are some authors that finish a book in 8 days! I can't believe it.