Thursday, April 11, 2013

J = Space Junque, Joni-Pip and The Jaguar's Heart.

Here are today's books from Good Book Alert.

The world is dying. Ecological destruction and mutation run rampant. Many of the wealthy have fled the planet and live in orbital stations, aloof from the concerns of the suffering people below them. All the while, the genocidal Defenders of Gaia continue their plan to save the planet by eliminating all humans. When Char Meadowlark, a scientist, attempts to flee into orbit to escape a Gaian attack, she gets caught up in an adventure both terrifying and thrilling. Read the review HERE. (FREE on Amazon)


Twelve-year-old Joni-Pip is in hiding with her family. It's 1942 and there is a war going on. Her family escapes to the woods away from bombs, gas masks, and fire drills. In the woods, Joni-Pip forgets the war because she discovers a way to jump in time, and possibly change things. What she doesn’t realize is one change affects a whole circle of events belonging to a world much bigger than one curious little girl.
With the help of some spiffy friends, Etherlred-Ted, her talking teddy bear, Hetty, the Wee Hedgehog, and a wood pigeon named Poppy-Plump Pij; Joni-Pip sets out to make things right in the world. In her quest, she will have to overcome real terrible events. If they don’t make it, the circle of time could forever be broken, and life as they know it forever changed. Read the review HERE.

Jesse J. Rideout is a former covert operative now living beneath the radar in Mexico at the end of the sixties. A chance archaeological find plunges him into a desperate secret struggle against a dangerous cult for control of Mexico. Read the review HERE.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

First one sounds interesting. And free? Will go download.

Michael Offutt, S.F.A. said...

Oh free book! How are sales of Visionary of Mars going, Cindy? Hopefully strong!

Frances Stiles said...

This sounds very interesting!