Friday, April 5, 2013

E-Books Aren’t Going Away

Every now and then I see someone who will post anything regarding the slowing of ebook sales. They want e-books to go away. They want to return to the days of agents and traditional publishing. The way it used to be. Perhaps those were the golden years to some. They’re afraid paperbacks are going to die out completely, and they especially hate Amazon. 

Sure any invention can die out, but ebooks are different. They’re a replacement for something that already exists. Ebooks are an upgrade to books. Some of us would like to return to the horse and buggy days, and while we still have some of those around, we’re not going back. 

When I first went on the internet, I thought it wouldn’t last at all. At first the internet had a bunch of meaningless websites, so meaningless I don’t even remember them. For this reason, I thought the internet would fail. As silly as I feel when mentioning this, I learned something. The internet wasn’t completely a new invention. Before the Internet, we had people running individual servers where people could access boards about various topics. People would dial into them and socialize. The internet is simply an expansion of communication…TV, radio, newspapers. How silly of me to think it would fail. 

Between books and the internet, it was only a matter of time that the ebook evolved. What do you think about ebooks? Do you love them or prefer the scent of a fresh paperback? (I know I love that new book smell.)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm a total eBook convert. They don't take up space.

Sandra Almazan said...

I love eBooks, and I think writers have more opportunities these days than they did before.

Danielle said...

I'm an eBook fan. Better prices, less space and I can carry tons of books in one device. BUT, I still buy some paperbacks, just for the smell.

Michael Offutt, S.F.A. said...

People are saying ebooks are going away? How silly of them.

Charity Bradford said...

Although I still love the feel of a hardback in my hands, I love my ebooks too. Why? Because my hubby can't sneak them away to goodwill when he thinks my collection is getting out of hand.

Yeah. Ebooks are NEVER allowed to go away. I've lost too many other great books that were not saved in my dream cloud. :)

And yes, I still love him anyway.

Annalisa Crawford said...

I love books - I'm really hoping print books never go away. but I'm more accepting of ebooks than I was a few years ago. What would I put on my shelves if we converted completely to ebooks? And how would people on the bus know how well-read I am if they can't see the cover? :-D

Julia Hones said...

I enjoyed reading about your first experience with the internet. I think it is good that e-books exist. I don't have the same emotional attachment to them but I love to read all kinds of books, of course. (I feel like a dinosaur writing this but how can we change the way we feel about something? It is not something that we can control).

Rinelle Grey said...

I love ebooks! (And not just because I'm an author.) I didn't think I would, I thought they'd be awkward to read, but once I tried them, I was hooked.

I never did get why people loved the smell of a book, or the feel. To me, it's all about the story.

Ebooks aren't going anywhere. Not any more than TV, cars, the internet etc are. They may evolve one day, but they aren't going to disappear.

Rinelle Grey

Anonymous said...

I prefer traditional paper. I have an e-reader and do download books on it, but use it only for bed or travel reading. Curling up with a good book is only possible with a real, good old-fashioned book.
I know e-readers aren't going away and I'm okay with that. I just want to have the option of my paper too.

Tara Tyler said...

ebooks are the future
i bet some day i will say, i remember when we had paper and big thick books!

great post!