Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Black Beauty and Horse Abuse.

Black Beauty is one of my favorite books even though it’s considered for kids. Maybe I like it because I used to own horses. To my surprise, I found it free on Kindle. HERE

Black Beauty is the autobiography of a horse. Yes, it’s told from the horse’s point of view. I think the most interesting part of the story though is all the different people he meets. Some are kind to him and others are cruel. I used to own horses and have worked at a ranch as well, so I enjoyed this story and found it realistic even though it’s mainly for kids. 

Here are a couple of horse abuse stories I witnessed. 

The ranch I worked had 44 stalls with an indoor arena and large pasture. I was in charge of cleaning 22 stalls, feeding all of the horses and letting out half of them to go out into the pasture. Why did only half get to go out? Half of the horses were owned by individual owners just for fun. These horses were let out into the pasture every day. The other half were more expensive show horses and a trainer was in charge of them. He didn’t want them to get any scratches or any possible injuries, so they lived in stalls. Some of the horses circled around in their stalls all day. The trainer was a horrible person to say the least. When he trained the horses he used to whip them continually. He would tie their heads down into the desired position for shows and leave them all sweaty in their stalls with all the tack on for a few hours. All of his horses had scars at the corners of their mouths from the harsh bits he used. The people who owned the horses were never there to see it. The owner of the ranch allowed this to go on because she had a 10K per month lease on the place. I was only about 22 when this happened, and it was a summer job. When fall came, I went back to college. 

One time, I sold a horse because everyone was saying I was too tall for her. So I sold her to a farm because they were interested in her for breeding with their stallion. Just for fun, I came back in the spring to visit because I knew she was due to have her foal. To my shock, they had not been feeding the horses regularly or cleaning the stalls. My former horse had her ribs sticking out even though she was pregnant. They also became hostile when asked about it. I tried to help them get their horse barn in order, but they just weren’t doing anything. I ended up reporting them and the horses were removed from their farm. 

So if your looking for a great book try Black Beauty.

As for me, I owned six horses over the years and eventually I gave up on the whole ranch idea when I got married. 


Skipper and me back in the day.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's horrible! Glad you reported them and animal control actually did something about it.
Never understood how someone could abuse or neglect an animal.

Miranda Hardy said...

I have a barrel racer friend. She adores her horses. I can't imagine how anyone could abuse them, but it happens. We often see horses taken away and put up for adoption.

Melanie Schulz said...

That's terrible.

Natasha Duncan-Drake said...

It's terrible when people abuse animals - I don't understand how they can do it. Glad you reported the farm.

I have never read Black Beauty, but I do remember watching the TV series when I was younger.

Michael Offutt, S.F.A. said...

Most people are in that kind of thing to squeeze as much money out of the industry as they can. They have no legitimate pride or love in the animals.

Susan Scott said...

They say that you can tell what sort of a person that person is by the way they treat animals. I think there's truth in that.
Gad you're enjoying BB as an adult. Amazing how our childhood stories still hold a fascination .. I still love Oscar Wilde's children's stories ..

michelle said...

I think I read Black Beauty as a child... it would be great to read it again, with an adult perspective...
Animal abuse is horrendous... *shudders*

Jay Noel said...

I love Black Beauty. Great book. And good for you for reporting those horse abusers.

Now that is a great pic of you!

Donna L Martin said...

Horses are amazingly beautiful creatures and I love Black Beauty!

Good luck with the challenge! I participated last year and had a blast!

Donna L Martin

Shannon... said...

Stopping by from A to Z. I have never read this book, though its been on my list for while. Thanks for the Kindly link! Good luck with the Challenge!
Shannon's Book Bag