Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Review of Oculus by Michael Offutt

Today I'm happy to be among the stops in Michael Offutt's blog tour for the sequel to "Slipstream". 

Check out the blurb:   

Autumn has arrived in New York, and Jordan Pendragon attends his first classes as a freshman at Cornell. Born with a brilliant mathematical mind, he balances life as a research assistant with that of a student athlete.

But Jordan also has a quest. He must find the Black Tower, a monolithic edifice housing a thing that defines the very structure of the universe. Jordan believes it is buried somewhere in Antarctica under miles of prehistoric ice.

October finds Jordan earning a starting position with the Cornell hockey team. But a dark cloud gathers over his rookie season. Unexplained deaths, whispers of a cannibal cult, a prophecy, and a stone known only as the Oculus, cast a shadow over his athletic ambitions. It is the start of a terrifying journey down a path of mystery, murder, and to a confrontation with an Evil more ancient than the stars.

My Review:

The story picks up with Jordan, Kolin and his sister Kathy back on Earth. Jordan has to find the Black Tower if he wants to save the Earth, but deep down he only wants to be normal. Since the lives of millions are hanging on Jordan’s success, normal isn’t going to be an option.
Oculus is similar to Slipstream in that it’s a blend of dark fantasy, paranormal and hard science fiction. This sequel goes into more depth than the first book. Jordan is more mature and his knowledge of physics has grown. Whenever something scientific comes up, the reader is given the details about how it all works. For this reason, the geek types (myself included) enjoy these details.

I was glued to page when more details about Jordan’s parents came out. At one point, Jordan was threatened by an enemy of his father, and I liked the way Jordan handled the situation.

There is a lot of graphic sex in this book mostly between Jordan and Kolin. For this reason, I think Oculus has added the genre of erotica as well.

At times, Oculus takes detours from the main plot. These filler type scenes didn’t seem needed, and at times I felt impatient to get back to the plot. Yet, some of these diversions were fun. For example, there is a detailed hockey game that was like a short story within the book, so I thought of it as a bonus. I also found the writing more polished this time.

Lastly, the climax in Hell’s Kitchen rocks. Fans of the first book will be pleased with this sequel. This series is complex and not a light read, so be sure to read Slipstream first.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Erotic? Oh wow. Something I could never write - I struggled to have my characters kiss in second book!

Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

Alex, you are as conservative as they come.

PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Hooray for gratuitous graphic sex scenes!

Helena said...

I'm so glad that I'll get to learn about Jordan's parents in Oculus, and for me when enemies or friends from another generation appear, the story can really hook me.

Elise Fallson said...

LOL at PT! Yeah, those scenes were pretty hot and steamy... (;

J.L. Campbell said...

And here I was thinking I could cheat and read the second book first.

Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

@Joy: You probably can read the second book first. I don't see why not. Maybe I'm too close to the story to see it objectively.

@P.T.: Smartass.