Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What is it about the eccentric detectives?

I have been watching Monk reruns, and I admire the characterization and quality of these stories. The writing is excellent. I guess there is always an advantage when you have a team of good writers. But then I got to thinking..the eccentric detective seems to be a copied idea. But I still like it. Unique people are interesting.

Monk: Gentle, timid, annoying, germ-a-phobic, and highly obsessive. He notices and remembers everything. He is fearful most of the time, but one thing I like about him is when he has to fight he always does. He does it well too. Monk tends to solve crimes by catching the guilty party in some mistake in a small way. It could just be one thing they say or a tiny thing they do that is out of place, then bam, he knows. One endearing thing about Monk that usually is mentioned in each episode is about how his wife died and I believe that is the only crime he can’t solve. He is always longing for her. So in general, Monk is complex and I see that as a key to good characterization.

Sherlock Holmes: He’s also obsessive, probably insane and notices everything, but unlike Monk he’s not fearful. He does drugs sometimes perhaps to escape his gift/curse. I’m a fan of the new movies.

Columbo: Remember him? He always looked like he just crawled out of bed while sleeping in the trench coat and hadn’t showered in who knows how long. You always knew who was guilty because he would (within the first 5 minutes of the show) pester the guilty person throughout the entire episode. Oddly, this didn’t ruin the episode because it was interesting watching him undo the person.

I couldn't resist this one with the basset hound, of course.

Ace Ventura: Yes, even this pet detective was insane. The scene from the Ace Ventura movies that stands out in my mind is the one below…since I find it hilarious. I had to go looking for this.

I know, I know...Ace Ventural doesn't really count as a detective.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well, he was crazy!
That's why I like the show The Mentalist. And Psych. Both are so observant.

Rusty Webb said...

Psych is my favorite detective. I suppose that a very normal one might be a bit boring. I know a police detective in real life, and most of what they do is very boring.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Monk is a great series. The OCD nature to him completely made the show. Oh and on the Lucky 7 Meme... if you want to do said meme you can. It's a silly meme anyway. The people I choose to tag I mostly do so because it's fun to irritate them with these kinds of things.

Cindy said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Mike, thanks..I will do that Meme soon!

GalaxyCurse said...

Hehe, anyone remembers "Inspector Gadget"?
BTW, the cannibal corpse scene with Ace Ventura got a fun story. Cannibal corpse apparently is/was Jim Carreys favorite band. He refused to play the part of Ace Ventura.if they weren't in the movie as well :-)

Annalisa Crawford said...

I always really liked Columbo. You're right, it was all about the way he 'undid' the criminal. That's a brilliant way of putting it.

I love the BBC Sherlock series too - they've made Sherlock sexy, how can I resist!

Cindy said...

Galaxy, that is so funny he likes that band. He doesn't seem the type.

Annalisa, I will have to check out that series. :)

E.J. Wesley said...

Crazy does make for interesting, doesn't it? :) Love me some Ace Ventura ...

Also, wanted to say thank you for the nice words of encouragement you left on my blog last week. Truly appreciated during a tough time for my family.


buddy2blogger said...

Always a pleasure to meet a fan of Sherlock Holmes :)

Have you read the book "Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes" by David Stuart Davies. This book is a must read for fans of the Granada adaptation and/or Jeremy Brett.


Cindy said...

No, I haven't, but I will look into it. Thanks!