Friday, December 23, 2011

Hermes the Olympian by David Rosser

Months ago, I interviewed David about his upcoming novel "Hermes the Olympian" Book One of the Trismegistus Trilogy. This book is now published on Amazon Kindle and I gave it five stars.


Long before words could be written, the stories of the brave Olympians were songs sung and poems told at special gatherings and on feast days. The best of these tales always included the deeds of our faithful messenger Hermes, but somehow he never seemed to get the glory or the credit for it, even when he saved the day.

This is a tale of toil, tragedy and temptation, love with a triangular twist. It is filled with a freak show of mutated monsters, glorious gadgets and awesome artifacts. This is our chance to see for ourselves how Hermes was the real hero of the Olympians. Let him mesmerise you with his music, charm you with his caduceus, and carry you invisibly with him as he flies against the odds in his epic struggle against the evil Hades.

Can Hermes find a way to save the tree of life? You had better hope he can, your afterlife depends on it!

My review:

Even before his birth, Hermes can read minds and spirit travel to the astral plane. Here he is attacked by Hades, who tricks him into making a huge mistake that sets off a chain reaction which affects our chance for an afterlife.

Hermes' main quest is to make amends for that big mistake, but despite this daunting task, throughout the story he is sent on one mission after another by his father. Zeus uses the ever capable Hermes to tackle threats to his rule of Olympus, mainly from Hades and the Giants. While committed to these other duties, Hermes must continue to somehow find a way to save the tree of life. All the while he is either pursued and/or attacked by Hades who wants to control not only the afterlife, but also Olympus and more. All these factors made for an intriguing read.

I found the combination of science, fantasy and mythology to be fascinating. The most interesting aspect was the clever way the author combines mythology with science fiction. Even though this story is very different from the Harry Potter series, the brilliant insight into the ways the various scientific and mythological artifacts reminded me of J.K.Rowling's powers of invention.


David is an expert on Greek mythology and has studied it for years. I highly recommend his book. Now on Amazon Kindle.

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And now it's time for Christmas Break on my blog. I hope to get some writing done over the holidays. Everyone have a great time.


Michael Offutt, Supra-Genius said...

I really wish the author had hired a better cover artist. I'm looking at that thinking...this story sounds amazing but I'm kind of turned off by the cover. Like no cover would be better I think.

And you know...with a book featuring quite possibly the most athletic of the Greek gods...where's the rippling torso? I would so have a rippling torso on the cover.

Now you all will think I am shallow. So be it.

Cindy said...

I really don't see what is wrong with the cover. You just want a buff Hermes on the Also from what I know Ares is the most athletic. Hermes was more of an intellectual.

Anonymous said...

Note from the Author:
Michael - The cover was selected with care from a number of possibilities including some with muscles rippling all over the place! I decided that the energised Caduceus was such a familiar symbol of my protagonist that I could not resist it! Hermes is about the use of wit and cunning, over size and brawn, and the significant use of artifacts (like the Caduceus) to gain advantage.

Misha Gericke said...

This sounds like something I'd love to read, since I love Greek mythology.

See you when you're back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review of Hermes the Olympian. I love mythology. What better story than gods procreating with humans and all kinds of crazy stuff happening. The Greeks and Romans were looking for a way to explain the world and their place in it and came up with stories that endure and inspire today.

Misha Gericke said...

I'm back again to thank you for supporting my blog this year. I appreciate every comment you left.

May 2012 be filled with happiness and success for you. :-)