Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Bah Humbug Blahg Fest.

I've joined the Grumpy Bulldog's blog fest. All you have to do list the 12 things you hate about Christmas.

First, I must admit that when I was a kid, Christmas was sort of magical. My mom made it that way for me. Now that she’s gone, I’m the one doing all the work and most of the giving.

The 12 Things I hate most about Christmas…
1.      A child waking me up at 5 a.m. on Christmas morning. My son did this the year I bought him an Xbox360. Then it took half the day to get it connected and working right.

2.      Struggling to help my kids open all those toys strapped into their packing.
3.      Toys or any sort of gadget not working for whatever reason. There was one year I swear, nothing worked right. I couldn’t even manage to set up the Dora tent.
4.      Stores packed with people after Thanksgiving and until Christmas.

5.      One of my favorite radio stations playing Christmas songs starting Nov 1st and until Christmas Day. I have no idea why they have to play all those cheesy Christmas songs for so long.
6.      The expense. Let's just say it's a good thing I have a job now.

7.      Having to cook and put toys together on Christmas day, which generally leaves me exhausted.


8.       The pressure of not being able to go to the store on Christmas day. If I forget something at the store related to dinner, I’m in trouble.

9.      I just remembered that I have to send out Christmas cards…oy.

10.   Most of the TV shows having a Christmas Episode.

11. Having to listen to all the other classes sing in a packed, hot auditorium before my daughter's class comes out onto the stage.

12. Not being able to be with my Mom. I want her back for Christmas, but no, that can't happen.  

  In general, Christmas is a lot of work.

Hang in there, everyone!


Pk Hrezo said...

Oh man I hate those plastic packaging they do for toys nowadays. Takes pliers and boxcutters just to get your toy out!
I wish you could see your mom again too. I think it's not til we're moms ourselves that we appreciate all the hard work they did around the holidays. Moms deserve a vacation after Xmas!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Really sorry about the last one.
And it's not just kid's toys sealed tightly in packages. Electronics come sealed in plastic so tight sunlight can't even enter.

Rusty Webb said...

Sorry your mom is gone. It could make every holiday rough. You sound like you do your best to make it great for you kids though, they'll appreciate you the same way you do your mom.

Also, crowds do suck.

Grumpy Bulldog, Secret Agent said...

#12 is really sad. I can't get my dad back for Christmas either, though he will be on the shelf in his box, which is pretty creepy. Thanks for participating!

I just finished "Vallar" last night and liked it so I downloaded "Trans Shifter" too.

Jay Noel said...

Christmas can really be a tough time when thoughts of those that you've lost come flooding back. Sorry about your mom, but it's great that you get to dedicate each holiday to her.

I think clamshell packaging is the Debil. The Debil, I say. Probably accounts for a majority of ER visits on Christmas morning.

Angela Scott said...

The expense is my big one too. I hate buying stuff with money we do not have to get things we do not need. It's sad really. But whatcha gonna do? the kids love it.

Christine Rains said...

The expense and crowds and work. Yeah. I could do without all that. Sorry about your mom. With memories like you have, they'll get you through.

David P. King said...

I experienced your #11 before. Not for my kid, but for another relative. Yeah. Crowds. I do my shopping online, thanks! :)

Cindy said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I should explain more about my mom. Christmas was her favorite holiday, and I inherited all these decorations, nick-knacks, etc. I have to put them up because it doesn't seem like Christmas if I don't.

Anyway, she set the example of how to make Christmas fun for kids, so that's what I do.

Cindy said...

Bulldog: I'm glad you liked Vallar and have moved on to TransShifter. Thanks!

Botanist said...

Sorry about your mom. And I remember how magical Christmas was when I was young, it's so different when you're the one doing the work. For me, though, it's the pressure to buy stuff that we can't afford and don't need. If we could skip the gifts and spend time enjoying each other's company I'd be a lot happier :)

Heather said...

Oh, man. So good. I have a loved one I'd like back too. Why can't Santa help us out with that, just once?

Luckily, my neighborhood store is open limited hours on Christmas day...good thing because I always forget something!

I'm visiting from the blog hop and will be back!

Michael Offutt, Supra-Genius said...

Great list Cindy. I agree, Christmas is a lot of work.

Briane P said...

Excellent list. That last one really got to me. I can't even think of anything smarmy to say.