Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today's Musings....

Writing Update….

I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut this week, so I just thought I’d ramble over here and see what happens. It seems that when I concentrate on fiction, the blogging suffers. So this last weekend I had some more ideas and have been working on the sequel.
I noticed that I need to switch gears with my writing. I’ve been in editing mode for so long, I forgot to switch out of it. My writing method is to hash out the plot first. Once I know the plot is working, I go back and fill in details, description, etc. Usually a lot of that has to be filled in. So with my WIP, I’ve been letting go of worrying about things like… “am I showing and not telling” But I still think about it and leave notes. (needs more detail, show don’t tell, etc.)

As for my publishing adventures, Vallar is going to be featured on the Indie Spot Light today.
Then I was going to try and get TransShifter to go free on Amazon, however, I found out this is very difficult. First to do this I put it for free on Apple (via Smashwords), and reported a cheaper price on Amazon, so Amazon will price match. I also had a couple of friends report the lower price. Do you think it would go free? No! It just won’t go free. I guess it takes a long time.

Then I discovered that 7 people gave TransShifter ratings on Apple, which averages 3 stars. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I give out any of my books free I end up getting low ratings and/or reviews. The frustrating thing about Apple is I can’t see the ratings in detail. Also..the last time I checked it’s still free on Apple.
There was one time I gave away several free Vallar copies for Nook and ended up with 1 two-star rating with no review. With Barnes and Noble, you can’t see who left it. Reviewers can leave anonymous reviews too. Also at that time, Vallar didn’t have any other reviews, so it was sitting there with this two-star review. Yeah…good times.

So I have put the price of TransShifter back to .99 cents, but it has not changed on Apple yet. When things like this happen, I feel like just unpublishing it. If people think it’s crap, why leave it out there? I have no problem taking it down. There is no paperback, so it’s easy to unpublish.

And the whole point of going free on Amazon is for the purpose of getting some exposure for both books. I’ve seen it work. Maybe all the Indies will flood Amazon with free books now. Yay..lol.
Meanwhile, I’ve had 4 job interviews in the last 8 days. A new record for me.

And somehow I’ve found myself playing this game again on Facebook. Bejeweled.


Michael Offutt said...

Eep...that sounds like a pain in changing the price so that Amazon will match. How do other guys do it? That one author I met on your blog that I follow, Joe Vasicek, he has free stuff on Amazon. Maybe ask him?

Good luck with the job search. If you are getting interviews then that means they are interested. If you aren't getting a job offer, it usually means you have done something to sabotage yourself in the interview process. As you leave the interview, are you giving out a thank you note with a sentence that says, "I look forward to the second interview" along with your contact information? Always always do this. People need to be thanked when they set aside time to interview you for a job.

Cindy said...

Mike, I got some advice from a succesful Indie author about how to make a book go free on Amazon. I guess I could ask Joe if he has any tips that I might not know about. It just takes a LONG time. And with the interviews, I usually send a thank you note the next day. It would be easier to just give it to them before leaving though. I may switch to doing that.

Michael Offutt said...

Give it to them before leaving. Always dress in your "Sunday" best. Be prepared for the question, "Tell us about yourself." Always have one or two questions that you want to ask at the end of the interview. Don't come off as needy. Double check everything for spelling errors.

Rusty Webb said...

I heard an interview with Robin Sullivan and she talked about the difficulty in getting stuff free on Amazon. She said she doesn't know for sure, but strongly suspected that you had to be at a certain level on their sales chart before they will price match.

Actually, I strongly encourage anyone who self publishes to listen to anything she has to say.

Good luck with the interviews. I hate them.

Cindy said...

Thanks Rusty. It figures. Oh, and I almost have a job. So excited. I will know more on Monday.