Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Salt Water on Mars?

Often scientists have speculated about the possibility of water on Mars. Usually it’s mentioned to be in the form of ice, underground or in the Mars of the past. However, last week there was a report of possible salt water on Mars running down slopes every spring in the warmer areas. This is based on sightings of streaks on slopes that darken and lighten.

Slopes that lighten and darken could mean ice or a damp patch of dirt. (so they say).

While writing my novel, all my research indicated that water would evaporate immediately whenever exposed to the Mars atmosphere. The freezing temperatures, lack of atmosphere, lower gravity, etc. So this report caught my attention. Somehow, they feel salt water has a better chance of not evaporating so easily and perhaps in the spring it lasts longer. My guess is it's coming from underground when the temperatures warm up, leaving a damp spot, and when it evaporates it may leave some salt behind.

I'm now thinking of doing a scene with water underground in the form of a stream for the sequel to Vallar. I think it's possible as long as the area is sealed, which wouldn't be hard to explain.

Click here for an article about salt water on Mars. 


Michael Offutt said...

That sounds fun. Water opens up interesting possibilities for microbial life as well.

I'm passing on a blog award and a meme for you on my blog. It gives you something to blog about (at the least).

Cindy said...

Thanks Mike. I wish I knew your secret to doing all that blogging and working on your novels while holding down a day job. You're amazing:)

Rusty Webb said...

Salt water on mars would be interesting indeed. I think small amounts of water would be broken down into its elemental parts very quickly, but if there were some sort of underground reservoir that burst out into the surface it would be too much volume to go whoosh that rapidly.

It seems like I read a pretty detailed explanation of the process water on mars would go through but for the life of me I can't recall where. Too bad there's no way for me to look that up.

Regardless, I think it would terrific to read about underground water in the sequel.

Oh, and I really like the new cover. And I think I saw where you raised the price. I think that's a smart move.

Cindy said...

Thanks Rusty,

I'm glad you think it can work. As for prices, my latest plan is to offer one free read on Amazon and keep Vallar at 2.99. Only thing is I have to get around to writing it and now I'm too engrossed in the sequel. I'm one of those writers that only focuses on one project at a time.

Rusty Webb said...

Well, I think just having a plan is half the battle. I'm running around all willy nilly most of the time. Getting two thirds of the way through something I really like then abandoning it to start something else. Why would I do that?

Regardless, being disciplined enough to stick to a schedule, any schedule, is something to be comended for.