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Meet David Rosser! Author of Hermes the Olympian.

I want to introduce my good friend David Rosser. He was one of the first people to read and critique an earlier version of my novel Vallar. He has a degree in geology and ended up giving me good advice about some of the technical aspects regarding Mars. Dave has this tremondous project he's been working on about Hermes. He knows an amazing amount of things about Greek mythology because he has been studying it for years. I sometimes think of him as Professor Dave. Today, I get to share more about him and his story.
Hermes the Olympian is the first book of the Trismegistus Trilogy.


It is prophesied in bronze-age Mycenaean Greece that the immortality of the tree of life shall become corrupted and only Hermes can restore it again. The tree of life holds the fragile structure of the astral plane together. This story is Hermes’ quest to replace the four guardians of the tree (Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gavreal) before they die. If the tree and the guardians die, then everybody’s chance for afterlife will be destroyed in the resulting chaos.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a transportation Engineer working in London England. My career has taken me to nine countries and numerous adventures. From training Iranian technicians how to use grouting equipment on a dam site, to head-hunting in the concrete jungle of Toronto. I have waded in waist-deep warm water to measure flows and pressures from dewatering boreholes in Zambian copper mines. I have wrestled with live chickens at one factory and balanced vacuum pump rotors at another. I have sat in the bars of Port Harcourt Nigeria, drinking gin and tonics, while wondering how to leave the club with only one girl on my arm! I have wandered the endless Saharan deserts of Libya pondering why.

Over the years, I have recorded snapshots of my life in poems and saved them, someday to be modified and published, but never getting around to doing it. I was editor of a community magazine at a gold mining bush camp at Detour Lake in Northern Ontario.

How did you come up with the title of your book and the series? 
I wanted to write a trilogy about Hermes, the known and the mystery. It is the best option. Trismegistus means “thrice great” I hope my series is also.

What gave you the idea to write your book?
Following Kurt Vonnegut’s belief that every story should start from a question, my questions are many and I set out to answer them in this first series: If some of the characters of Greek and other ancient mythologies had really existed, what happened to them? If there could once have been a civilisation which developed early in the History of our Solar system, what could have happened to it? If the asteroids are the remnants of a fifth planet, what could have happened to it?

The Trismegistus is an attempt to answer these questions. At times it becomes a historical Novel, at others it is pure fantasy and of course it cannot help exploring the scientific possibilities along the way! By necessity, mythology straddles history, science and the imagination. 

Hermes seemed to me to cry out for someone to write his story. He is the Greatest hero of all the Olympians without being given the credit for it!

Why do you write fantasy stories?
Writing fiction is to let imagination flow onto paper. By necessity, mythology straddles history, science and the imagination and I love to write about it.

What is your favorite character in the book?
Hermes is my protagonist. I particularly enjoy writing about Hermes because he allows me to become superhuman. He flies, he reads minds and even influences the minds of others; he becomes invisible, he dreams of the future and travels to limbo and ancient Greece and Egypt, Atlantis, and can even reach the asteroids. I believe that my readers will want to escape to these places and do the same things with and through Hermes too. In short, I write to escape. I want to also succeed in setting my readers free. I have been writing and rewriting this story in its many forms for about thirty years! This world of my imagination has grown and evolved to such an extent that I could write a whole host of books about it!

What research did you do for the book?
Visited Greece and Azores islands, spent hours at the British Museum and online.

Does your book have a theme? If so what is it?

The theme is “Power should be put to good purpose”

Chapter 1 Excerpt

From my very first memory, I knew I was not alone.

As a cluster of cells inside my mother’s womb, I was already aware of the others who were with me in a vague sort of way. Their collective thoughts and senses came to me from far away, in gentle loving waves, caressing whispers in my mind. I longed to be with them, to see them, to touch them and feel them. Through them I came to experience the world for the first time, while still unborn.

“When you grow into a boy, you will be less aware of us” These thought waves told me, and I anticipated the ache of loss at the same time as sensing the extreme love and caring that was behind them. They were careful not to make me too attached. Every time they contacted me, my ability to sense thoughts and exercise my telepathy grew and grew.

When my ability had developed enough, I reached out for these thoughts and discovered that they came from several beings, like myself, but much older and wiser of course. Collectively, they bathed me in a loving protectiveness. When they communicated with me, they called themselves my “Guardians”, but I sensed there was something more to their guardianship, something very important that they couldn’t or wouldn’t let me know. I was important to them, I could feel that much. I instinctively knew I would find out much more about why this was so, but whatever the reason, I was sure it was also for my protection. I tried to speak to them. I tried to let them know my feelings of love for them. I wanted to ask the millions of questions that burned inside me. They responded to my curiosity by speaking to me:

“Once you leave your mother’s body, we will only be able to meet you in dreams, when you have learnt how to travel to the Astral Plane” They showed me the astral plane, and the part of it I was to look for them on. They showed me how to travel to it in my dreams.

“Follow the light, a brightness above, which becomes brightness at the end of a long dark tunnel. This is the way you must follow”

One moment I was a creature of cells and moisture, then my will carried me forward to the path they had prescribed. I knew I was leaving behind what little had formed of my tiny body. I now had no substance and yet I could still feel and sense things as if I was solid. I saw the faint light at the end of a long tunnel ahead of me.

“Is that the light you mean me to follow? Aren’t you coming with me?” I asked them by projecting my thoughts, nervously.

“It is the light of your path. We cannot travel the paths of darkness, but you will find us when you reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Come along now, the more you want it, the faster you will move. Do not stop on your journey or stray from the path!” I sensed their impatience and concern but I felt so alone and fearful. They had a name for this way of moving. They called it “spirit-travel”.

I moved down the tunnel ahead, and as I did, their presence faded quickly. Suddenly fearful without them, I surged along towards the receding light. During my journey I also sensed some sort of growing evil in the gloom. It was the first time since I had become aware of anything, that I felt what it was like to be truly alone. I wondered why my Guardians could not pass along these ways of darkness, and as I wondered, my will was weakened, as I became more distracted and my progress slowed. Suddenly, even in the lack of light, I could see the tunnel walls writhing and contracting ahead of me. The darkness was closing in. Something dark and smothering reached for me. I felt pain and great fear, hatred and all horrors, but somehow I squeezed through, using my willpower to its greatest force.

Previously straight and smooth, the tunnel walls became labyrinth-like and contorted, pulsating, expanding and contracting as if they lived and breathed, as if I was inside some kind of monster which could devour me at any moment! The light I had been seeking became nothing more than occasional glimpses. I could hardly see the light ahead any more and I struggled to move faster, every time the slightest hint of it was revealed to me by the shifting tunnel walls. It seemed to me that the shifting of the walls was the will of another, fighting against mine. Although the evil force was still unable to reach me, it spoke with a terrible deep menacing voice from the darkness, projected into my head, filling and shaking my tiny spirit with dread.

“Know that I know of you, little one! Know that I, Hades, am your enemy! Fear me, and I will feed on your fear! Run from me and I will hunt you down! There will be nowhere to hide! You may fight me now, but soon you will be my willing servant!”
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